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OXOnian Holiday Traditions and Our Favorite Gift Ideas

OXOnian Holiday Traditions and Our Favorite Gift Ideas

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We’re sharing how we celebrate the holidays and our top picks for OXO gifts.

At OXO, we know a thing or two about traditions. We have our annual pumpkin carving contest, Thanksgiving lunch and holiday gift exchange, just to name a few. This time of year is especially full of traditions with friends and family. Here’s a look at how OXOnians celebrate the holidays, plus our top picks for OXO gifts (because we know something about that too!).

Tommy Gibney, Senior Go-to-Market Product Manager

“My favorite December holiday tradition is settling in at my folks’ house and relaxing around the kitchen table with a glass of the “good” eggnog (enriched with some bourbon, of course). Since no eggnog cocktail is complete without freshly grated nutmeg on top, this year I plan to break out the new Etched Zester that we launched this summer!”

Silicone Oven Mitts and Pot Holders. My family weirdly has a thing for raggedy, burnt pot holders but I’m breaking that mold!”

Ilana Rosen, Product Manager, Baking Team

“My favorite holiday tradition is frying up latkes for my family (or baking them if I’m feeling the need to be healthy). Classic potato latkes are great, but I love trying new and different recipes. I made an apple cheddar latke two years ago that was SO GOOD! You wouldn’t necessarily think to pair them, but the sweet and salty combination was delicious.”

“For a holiday cocktail party, I love to give our Steel Cork Pull. It makes opening those holiday bottles of wine so easy!  For a family-friendly holiday party, I bake up a batch of cookies and bring them over in a POP Container. If I’m in a rush and don’t have time to bake, I’ll stuff one of our red oven mitts with candy like it’s a little stocking.” 

Maggie Weigel, Project Manager, Operations

My favorite traditions are watching the Disney Christmas Day Parade with my loved ones and baking my delicious gingerbread cookies. I make circular cookies and add a Hershey Kiss on the top when they are warm. They taste like Christmas to me.”

“The two OXO products I have fallen in love with and want my loved ones to know about are the Angled Measuring Cups and the Sweep Set with Extendable Broom. Before I used these products, gifting someone a broom and measuring cup would have seemed crazy to me. But these two items have made daily tasks so much easier I want everyone to have them!”

Allie Mansueto, National Sales Manager

“When my family gets together, we like to capitalize on the fact that my sister is an AMAZING baker. She arrives home to a list of baking requests from my mother and me. The one item that is the top of this list every year is Chocolate Babka. Not just one…but like five loaves. We will eat this decadent dessert for breakfast every day and my mom will “save” at least two for gifting to friends. *Her friends literally put in requests at this point for one of Anna’s Babkas…that’s how good they are.”

Stainless Steel Measuring Cups & Spoons. They are delightful! People don’t expect them to have those thoughtful magnets that keep them together, and I love that they’re stainless steel so you’ll use them forever.”

Tommy Hanson, Associate Director, Engineering

If I’m in NYC, my wife and I end up baking. Last year she made an amazing yule log complete with meringue mushrooms (inspired by Great British Baking Show) and I made ginger snap cookies.” 

“I like to give things that aren’t too big (NYC apartments are small) and aren’t just replacements for things people already have. So I think my most gifted is the Flip and Fold Omelet Turner. Yeah, people have spatulas, but not like this! It’s super versatile – eggs, pancakes and crepes, anything! People always end up loving it.”

Mike Cleary, Vice President of Sales

“Spiked eggnog with grated nutmeg..mmm”

Recommends gifting “a cocktail shaker, because who doesn’t love a strong martini on a cold day.”

Have more holiday shopping to do? We have a list of the best gifts for bakers and a gift guide for the cocktail lover in your life.

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