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The 10 Most Popular Wedding Registry Gifts

Engaged couples, start your registries! Here are the top OXO items that always make the gift list.

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Setting up your wedding registry? You’re not alone: More than 80% of couples register for wedding gifts for their special day, according to one nationwide survey. It can be overwhelming trying to decide what to include. We asked our partners at wedding site Zola(Opens in a new window) which OXO products are most popular with couples. Take a look at the top 10 countdown.

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#10 Salad Spinner

Its non-slip base and brake button make it easy and, dare we say, fun to use. For a kitchen-to-table version, check out the glass salad spinner that easily converts from spin-and-dry mode to serving bowl.

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#9 POP Container Set

Messy pantry, meet your solution. These 10 POP containers will keep baking ingredients, rice, beans and cereal dry and fresh, while tidying up your pantry and kitchen shelves. Whipping unruly kitchen spaces into shape is a lot easier than you think.

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#8 Non-Stick Pro Bakeware Set

Bakeware sets are another popular gift that couples request on their registries, says Zola. This set covers all the bases with a muffin tin, loaf pan, half-sheet pan and two cake pans. The non-stick surfaces make it easy to remove baked goods from their trays and serve.

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#7 Everyday Utility Cutting Board

The name says it all: Some tools you need on a daily basis. This kitchen staple will see you through no matter the menu, and the dishwasher-safe design allows for easy clean up. The cutting board makes a great gift combo with cookware sets, also a top registry item on Zola.

#6 Extendable Tub and Tile Brush

A clean home is a happy home. Keeping yours dirt-free means registering for the tools you really need—and you’d hardly be the first: Practical gifts trump fantasy items on registries right now. According to Zola, stick vacuums are a favorite, and OXO confirms couples frequently pick out this extendable brush.

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#5 GreenSaver Produce Keeper

Protect the bounty you bought at your farmer’s market with these handy containers that use carbon filters to trap gasses that break down produce. The 5-quart container is great for longer vegetables like carrots and zucchini, while the 4.3-quart one works well for medium-sized fruits or lettuce. Put berries and other small fruits in the 1.6-quart container.

#4 GreenSaver Herb Keeper

Nothing beats cooking with fresh basil or tarragon in recipes, but the wilt factor is high. That’s why you need a keeper especially designed for fresh herbs. The container features an inner basket that holds herbs away from the walls so they can properly breathe while the lid moderates humidity levels. Add water to the base of the container to keep herbs hydrated. Pair your herb keeper with another popular wedding registry item—a blender—and you’ll be all set for smoothie season.

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#3 Box Grater

Among the kitchen basics every cook needs, a good grater is right up there. Where would pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches and quesadillas be without it? This one comes with a convenient container that snaps onto the grater’s base to catch and measure grated ingredients. Store leftovers by popping on the container’s lid.

#2 Oven Mitt

Consider this mitt a kitchen superpower. Slide on the silicone glove and enjoy invincibility against heat and steam. It’s an excellent stovetop sidekick and great for grabbing hot pans from the oven.

And the number one most popular OXO item couples register for is…

#1 POP Container Set, 5-Piece

A streamlined version of the 10-piece set, this 5-piece kit helps keep your kitchen essentials organized as well as clutter in other areas of your home. The set is also priced just right to be registry-friendly. (Zola recommends $25 to $75 and $75 to $150 as ranges that are wedding registry sweet spots.)

Now that you have a solid registry foundation, fill in your list with these ideas if you love to bake or these if you love to entertain.


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