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6 Gifts That Are Perfect for Any Tea Lover on Your List

From temperature-controlled kettles to tea infusers, these six gifts will delight any tea drinker.

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For tea lovers, there’s nothing better than a warm cup on a crisp morning or chilly night. But if the tea lover in your life already seems to have a go-to mug and knows how to make their perfect brew, it can be challenging to find a gift that’s thoughtful without being redundant. The good news: You can still surprise and delight tea enthusiasts with these six gifts that will surely upgrade their tea station.

tea on table with container

For the Sister Who Needs it Just Right: Adjustable Temperature Kettle

Know someone who’s very particular about getting the temperature of their tea just right? This adjustable temperature kettle will be a welcome addition. It allows you to select a temperature between 170 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit for a more precise brew. Brew quality depends on two factors: time and temperature. If you brew for too long, it can result in a bitter taste. Temperature matters because of tannins, which give tea its flavor. If the water is too hot, the leaves can burn, affecting taste. Use this kettle to achieve optimal brewing temperature for your cup of choice:

  • Black tea: 206 - 208 degrees Fahrenheit for three to five minutes
  • Green tea: 108 - 185 degrees Fahrenheit for three minutes
  • Herbal tea: 208 degrees Fahrenheit or more for a full boil for five to seven minutes
  • Oolong tea: 190 - 206 degrees Fahrenheit for three to five minutes
  • White tea: 175 - 185 degrees Fahrenheit for one to three minutes

For the Aunt Who Hasn’t Upgraded Her Stovetop Kettle in Decades: Classic Tea Kettle (Brushed)

A great tea starts with a great cup of hot water, and a tea kettle is the best way to quickly heat water to the perfect temperature. If it’s time for your tea lover to upgrade their stovetop kettle, this Classic Tea Kettle will get the job done in style. The kettle is made out of gleaming, high-grade stainless steel and heats up quickly. It’s also rust resistant. The spout is non drip, which means no spilled water when you’re pouring your morning or evening cup. As an added bonus, it looks great on any kitchen stove or counter.

For Your Tea-Loving Brother with Kids: Adjustable Temperature Pour-Over Kettle

If glass is a no-go in the kitchen with young kids, this pour-over kettle, that comes in stainless steel, also gives any tea lover the option of having their cup of tea served at an exact temperature with added durability. First, choose exactly what brewing temperature and time you’d like. Next, pour your water inside the kettle and heat it. The gooseneck spout provides an exact pour to ensure you use just enough water.

For the Tea Lover Who Prefers Loose Leaf: Tea Infuser Basket

For tea lovers who love loose leaf tea, this tea infuser basket makes steeping simple and satisfying. Place the stainless steel basket inside of your favorite mug, and then fill it with loose leaf tea. Next, pour hot water inside the basket. The basket will ensure that the tea leaf particles stay confined while the tea is being brewed. Place the lid on top to trap the heat from the water. When you’re finished brewing, lift the silicone lid and place it upside down on the counter. It doubles as a drip tray so you can lift the basket out of the mug to catch any water that remains inside. The large basket, which can hold plenty of loose-leaf tea, is intended to extract maximum flavor. And clean up is speedy: Just pop it in the dishwasher.

For the Office Bestie Who Likes to Brew at Work: Twisting Tea Ball

When you want to brew loose leaf tea but aren’t at home, this product makes it easy to keep your favorite steeping tool in your bag or in your desk at the office. The long handle prevents fingers from getting burned by the hot water and can accommodate a variety of glasses and mugs. When you’re done brewing, simply twist it open and empty out the contents.

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For the Friend Who Has a Long Commute: Strive 24 oz. Insulated Tumbler

For the friend who’s always on the go, consider getting them this OXO Strive 24 oz. Insulated Tumbler. This tumbler keeps drinks hot (or cold) thanks to its double wall vacuum insulation. Hot drinks — like a cup of tea — can stay warm for up to six hours. The easy-to-close plastic lid prevents spills. This tumbler also is dishwasher safe and BPA free. Plus, it comes in 12 fun colors that your recipient is bound to love. Is 24 ounces too big? The tumblers are also available in 16-ounces and 20-ounce sizes.

If the options we’ve mentioned aren’t your cup of tea (wink, wink), OXO makes more kettles that can appeal to every type of tea drinker, like the Uplift Tea Kettle Anniversary Edition that will stun in any kitchen.


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