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Grilled Scallops with Herbed Zucchini Noodles and Charred Corn from Brooklyn Supper

Grilled Scallops with Herbed Zucchini Noodles and Charred Corn from Brooklyn Supper

Words Elizabeth Stark

Summer has hit with full force. I can scarcely believe that it was ever cold enough for a sweater or even full-length jeans. My meals have gone full-on summer, too. To me, seasonal eating isn’t just about enjoying ingredients at their peak (though that’s a big part of it), it’s also about meals that capture the moment perfectly. In winter, it’s a long cooked braise with hearty roots served on a bitterly cold evening. And now, at the height of summer, it’s this dish featuring crisp-edged grilled scallops served atop charred corn and spiralized zucchini noodles. A lemony dressing, fresh herbs, and sweet cherry tomatoes all lend pops of color and flavor, and make for a meal that captures early July eating perfectly. I’m positive that this dish will be a favorite for a long time to come.

After a busy day out and about in the sweltering heat, it was thrilling to come home and cook up such an uncomplicated feast. While Brian fired up the grill, I prepped the zucchini noodles, herbs, and a simple lemon dressing. The OXO Tabletop Spiralizer cut zucchini noodles in minutes flat. Like everything from OXO, it was easy to use with intuitive design features like a suction cup that holds the spiralizer firmly in place. Cleanup was a breeze thanks to dishwasher-safe parts. I also loved the thoughtful design that made delightfully long noodles and cored the zucchini at the same time (no seeds!).

OXO and Brooklyn Supper grilled scallops over zucchini noodles

I’d been storing a bunch of basil in the OXO Herb Keeper, which helps herbs stay fresher longer with upright storage and a bit of water on the bottom so stems remain moist while air circulates around the leaves. To the fresh basil, I added a bit of mint and parsley straight from the garden, and chopped it all up for dinner.

OXO and Brooklyn Supper grilled scallops over zucchini noodlesOut on the grill, Brian (my husband) used the OXO Grilling Set to char the corn and grill the scallops. We’ve made the switch to all hardwood charcoal, and with the searing heat from the grill and relentless sun, it was comical to hear some of the corn kernels popping away over the fire. Brian quickly moved them over indirect heat and things settled down. The scallops, which can stick to the grate, were easily scooped up and flipped with the OXO grilling tools – the spatula features a beveled edge that effortlessly slides between the food and the grate and a long enough handle to keep your hands away from the heat. The tongs are likewise nice and long, allowing Brian the space to move and adjust things without fear of getting singed.

OXO and Brooklyn Supper grilled scallops over zucchini noodlesTo bring the meal together, I zipped the charred kernels from the corncobs using the OXO Corn Peeler, gave the zucchini noodles a quick sauté in olive oil, and tossed it all in a lemony dressing along with a few handfuls of chopped herbs. We set the seared scallops on top and tucked into a lovely summer feast.

This recipe scales up easily and would be great for a dinner party. And though grilled scallops were our protein of choice here, this meal could work well with everything from grilled seafood to steak to tofu. Make the recipe yours!

Head to Brooklyn Supper for the complete recipe.

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