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Minimal Cabinets and Drawers from the Faux Martha

Minimal Cabinets and Drawers from the Faux Martha

Words The Faux Martha

It’s January, and in January I always seem to tackle another problem area in my kitchen. The kitchen naturally comes with a complex set of issues. But the good news is, there are simple solutions to make the kitchen a friendlier space to cook in. I wrote a whole book about it! (My book, The Minimalist Kitchen, comes out this April! You can preorder now.) Today, I’m tackling the cabinets and drawers.

I’ve pared down a lot over the years. But even a pared down kitchen can feel disorganized and inefficient. For evidence, see the before shot depicting a chaotic shelf of vinegars, oils, salt, pepper, extracts, etc. It’s fine, but not friendly or organized.

Enter the turntable. It’s not just for your grandma’s kitchen. If I was Oprah, I’d put one in every kitchen. You get a turntable! You get a turntable! Here’s why I love this gadget. For obvious reasons—it turns, making it easy to retrieve a specific item. But I also love that it acts as a divider. Dividers are a key ingredient to an organized kitchen. This one in particular from OXO has a lip to keep items contained.

Drawers are another big problem area in kitchens. Without dividers, they are often chaotic, producing expletives upon retrieval of an item. Apply the cooking concept of mise en place to the kitchen cabinets and drawers—everything in its place. Designate a space for every item and give it a home bound by dividers. You’ll never be able to blame your husband for the missing spatula again. Ha!

This expandable utensil organizer from OXO is great for the utensil drawer. It has adjustable utensil dividers that can be moved to fit the size of your utensils. Notice the notches for the toddler spoons versus the adult spoons. So user-friendly! We also use inexpensive bamboo dividers in our drawers. Divide and conquer … those kitchen cabinets and drawers!

For more kitchen organizing posts, check out The Minimalist Pantry Part 1 and 2. For a comprehensive guide to creating and cooking from a minimalist kitchen, pre-order The Minimalist Kitchen (April 2018!).

Head to The Faux Martha for more tips and photos about organizing your kitchen.

By The Faux Martha

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