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well stored spices
How to Store and Organize Your Spices for Maximum Freshness and Flavor

Tired of a messy spice rack? We’ve got easy tips for keeping your spices and herbs fresh, organized and ready to use.

6 min
neat desk drawer
Your Back-to-School Checklist: College Edition

These accessories and organizers will transform your home away from home into the ultimate study-and-chill spot.

7 min
stovetop and oven
Spring Cleaning: A Guide to Cleaning Your Kitchen Stove From Top to Bottom

From drip pans to back burners, this comprehensive guide will have your stove sparkling.

20 min
drain catcher in sink
The Dirtiest Spots in Your Kitchen—And How to Deep Clean Them

Even if you clean nightly, your kitchen is a magnet for bacteria. These deep clean strategies will help you get rid of the grime.

5 min
bathroom suction organizers
Organize Your Shower With These Smart Storage Ideas

Need more shower storage space? Use the walls. Here’s how to get organized.

6 min
shower storage
How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom

Deep cleaning your bathroom can be straightforward and simple. Just follow these suggestions.

10 min
shower storage
28 Best Bathroom Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know

With these handy cleaning hacks, it won’t take long to keep your bathroom sparkling and organized. Check out our essential tips for the shower, sink, bathroom drawers, and more!

11 min
a clean shower
How to Deep Clean Your Shower

Mildewed grout, spotty shower doors…sounds like a shower deep clean is in order! Start with a kit of hardworking brushes and tools that cater to every task, then follow this top-to-bottom guide that’ll make every surface sparkle.

8 min
fridge organizer ready to go in fridge
The Best Way to Organize Your Fridge, According to OXO Chef In Residence JJ Johnson

Organize your fridge like a professional chef. From what to put where to proper storage techniques, here's what you need to know.

8 min
melissa ben-ishay with OXO POP Containers for organizing the pantry
Master It: How to Organize a Pantry Like a Pro with Chef in Residence Melissa Ben-Ishay

OXO’s Chef in Residence Melissa Ben-Ishay shares her top tips on how to tame the chaos in your pantry.

19 min
hand washing dishes
The Art of Hand Washing Dishes: Your Ultimate Cleaning Guide

It’s time to rethink dish duty.

23 min
oxo blue pop lid containers
For a Photo-Perfect Pantry, Try Adding Colorful Containers

Turn your storage space into an Instagram-worthy room by adding colorful containers that keep food fresh.

8 min