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Top Spots You're Forgetting to Clean

Whether or not you have a strict cleaning schedule, the hope is that each day ends with a dish-free kitchen sink and no clothing on your floor. But there are some secret places in your home (ever clean your ceiling fan?) that are probably getting neglected.

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But fear not! Take a look at this list and add one or two to your next cleaning routine. Before the month ends, you’ll have tackled them all and your home will feel squeaky clean.

Dusting System

1. Tops of Ceiling Fans

Because they’re so high and out of reach, your ceiling fans can become a breeding ground for dust. But it’s nothing that a long reach dusting system can’t solve! Take advantage of the duster’s length and special ceiling fan head attachment to conquer this area with ease at least once a month.

2. Kitchen Gadgets

Your peelers and graters have lots of crevices, which are hard to clean. Soak them in some warm water with a bit of dish soap and use these small brushes to get into the nooks and crannies. Before putting them away, make sure they’re completely dry.

3. Shelves in the Medicine Cabinet

Often full of toothpaste grime, oil residue and spilled products, your medicine cabinet needs a thorough cleaning every so often. Take all of the products out and remove each shelf, making sure all that gunk is cleaned off before you put them back.

4. Light Switches and Wall Plates

These get touched a whole lot but neglected during cleaning sessions. Grab a rag and some multi-purpose cleaner to get your light switches and wall plates back into shape and rid them of germs.

MicrowaveCleaning SmallImage X

5. Microwaves

Heating up sauces or liquids can cause a disastrous, hard-to-see mess on the ceiling and walls of your microwave. Place a bowl full of water with some lemon juice into your microwave and heat it up for five minutes. Grab a scrubbing brush and get to work. The condensation will make wiping down the inside (and tackling the ceiling!) a lot easier.


6. Tops of Books

You may wipe down your bookshelves while you dust, but don’t forget to focus on the tops of the books as well. Grab a duster and conquer the shelves one by one. If you can, take the books off the shelves for the most thorough cleaning. And when you’re done, throw the duster head in the washing machine and it will be good as new for your next round of dusting!

7. Stove Knobs

There’s a whole world of grime and dirt behind the knobs of your stove. But luckily, these can be taken off for a full clean. Let them soak in warm water with a splash of white vinegar and then wipe down each one, removing the dirt. While you’re at it, make sure the stove is wiped down and scrubbed free of grime.

8. Moldings and Baseboards


Your floor may get swept and mopped, but the baseboards and moldings need attention too. Grab your long reach duster (with the cobweb duster head attached) and rid them of any dust. If they still need more attention, use a wet rag or disposable wipe for a complete wipe down.

9. Shower Curtains

Unfortunately, shower curtains and liners have a tendency to grow mold and get covered in water stains. Luckily, cloth shower curtains and liners are washable! Throw these into the washing machine for a good cleaning and hang them to dry. They’ll be good as new.

10. Garbage Cans

It’s no surprise that your trash can gets dirty and smelly. And while you may take out the trash a few times a week, the receptacle itself needs to be cleaned to avoid odor buildup. Use some anti-bacterial cleaner and a heavy-duty scrubber to get the job done. Not sure what else needs cleaning in your home and you're too embarrassed to ask? We answer 5 burning cleaning questions you might just happen to have.


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