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4 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

4 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

With a few small adjustments, these quick, budget-friendly ideas make your bathroom feel new again without having to remodel your space.

3 min read

Everyone loves a good before and after renovation, but you don't need a full makeover to upgrade your bathroom. Adding a few space-saving tricks is an easy way to make a quick fix. Whether you're dealing with apartments or trying to switch things around without picking up a hammer, check out these tried-and-true tips to spruce up a bathroom in minutes.

Streamline the Shower

Tired of half empty shampoo and body wash bottles gunking up the edge of the bathtub or the shower floor? Organize it all with a caddy and you’ll never look back.

The Quick-Extend Aluminum Pole Caddy(Opens in a new window) solves almost any shower storage challenge, with four adjustable shelves sized to hold larger bottles. No tools necessary - the Caddy installs easily to fit in any space five to nine feet tall, meaning it works in both bathtub/shower combos and single shower bathrooms. Best of all, hooks help keep razors, washcloths and loofahs organized and bottle holes make it easy to store bottles upside down and maximize every last bit of product.

Looking for something a bit smaller? Hook a 3-Tier Shower Caddy(Opens in a new window) onto the shower head and use the adjustable suction cups to keep everything securely in place. We like to keep a squeegee in the shower to make it easy to keep glass-walled showers looking good.  

Tidy Up the Sink

Eliminate messy soap residue and free up counter space by adding a Suction Soap Dish. Or, make a simple upgrade by filling a Soap Dispenser with your favorite fancy hand soap. It’s the little things, right?  

QuickBathroomFixes LargeImage     X
QuickBathroomFixes LargeImage     X

Don’t Forget the Toilet

Be honest: When is the last time you replaced the toilet brush? Attach a new brush refill or refresh the space altogether with a Compact Toilet Brush & Canister(Opens in a new window) that’s sleek and stays out of the way. You’ll thank yourself on days when it’s time to scrub up and every other day when you barely even notice it’s there.

QuickBathroomFixes LargeImage     X

Hang It All Up

For a quick, no-install fix, we like to add a Suction Hook(Opens in a new window) to any area that might be missing one. The Suction Hook has the appearance of built-in hardware and is a great solve for bathrooms with a lot of tile(Opens in a new window) - no full bathroom reno needed. Use these to dry hand towels, hang extra loofahs or even just make it easier to grab a robe right out of the bath.

Ready to tackle it all? Share your results on social using #OXOBetter.

Looking for even more tips? Here are quick ways to organize your bathroom drawers and get a super clean bathroom(Opens in a new window)


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