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Behind the Design: Soap Dispensing Products to Make Dishwashing Easier

OXO began designing soap dispensing brushes and sponges years ago in an attempt to solve a classic dishwashing pet peeve: that annoying act of juggling between soap, brush, and sponge when you have a sink full of dishes. What if the soap dispenser could just be built into the brush or sponge so you could skip out on soaping and re-soaping your sponges while cleaning?

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Over the years, we’ve continually improved upon the design of our soap dispensing products, and they're currently in their third generation. We wanted to make sure you had more control in the amount of soap released based on how much pressure you applied. To do this, in the latest design, we implemented a valve system, similar to what you find in squeezable ketchup bottles. Thanks to those catch and release valves, and the air displacement in the sealed chamber, you can easily squirt out a dollop of soap from the brush. When you press the button and displace air in the handle, the flaps of the valve open up and let soap out.

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We also wanted to prevent against leakiness. Our engineers discovered that the best way to do this is to fill the soap in the base of the brush by unscrewing its handle so you have a completely closed chamber. That means when you’re not pressing down on the button, the soap won’t drip all over the place. (Plus, the handle is clear, so it’s easy to see when it’s time for a soap refill—another win!)

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The soap dispensing handle fits with three heads: a dish brush(Opens in a new window), dish scrub(Opens in a new window), and dish sponge(Opens in a new window). We designed it this way because we know people like to use different kinds of sponges and brushes for different kinds of cleaning jobs. For example, you can twist on the brush head when you want to clean non-stick pans since the nylon bristles protect against scratching. The dish scrub, on the other hand, is great for scrubbing out food that’s stuck to dishes, while the sponge is best for lighter jobs.

We also know dirty dishes can get gross—like really, really gross. So we designed all three heads with a built-in scraper so you can roll up your sleeves and scrape all that gunk right off those dirty pots, pans, and bakeware.

Whether or not you have a dishwasher, you probably find yourself washing dishes more often than you’d like to. OXO’s three soap dispensing products answer all of your dishwashing prayers and hopefully make the chore a little more enjoyable.


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