3 Genius Cleaning Hacks From Our Favorite Products

Here are bonus uses for some of our top-quality cleaning tools. Get ready to save time and space with these creative cleaning hacks.

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At OXO, when we set out to make products, we usually have one or two tasks in mind during the design process. But time and again, we find that many of them are good for even more than their initial intended purpose, providing an unintentional hack to make your life easier. Our cleaning products work in the same way, where their second use can fix some of the most unexpected messes.

Read on for three helpful cleaning hacks and creative ways to use some of our favorite cleaning tools.

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Use the Deep Clean Brush Set on White Sneakers

Main Purpose: Inspired by the classic down-and-dirty method of getting on the floor with a toothbrush to scrub grout lines, the Deep Clean Brush Set was designed to scrub faucets, stovetops, drains, and any other areas in your bathroom and kitchen that are too tough to reach with a regular brush.

Cleaning Hack: Use this product to keep your white sneakers squeaky clean by mixing a little bit of soap and water and start scrubbing. The walls of your poor washing machine will thank you.

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Add Homemade Cleaning Solutions to Spray Mops

Main Purpose: The Spray Mop's refillable bottle allows you to use any cleaning solution you’d like instead of being limited to one brand. Plus, the refillable bottle means less waste in the long run.

Cleaning Hack: If you prefer natural cleaning solutions, the refillable bottle can accommodate it, even ones that involve vinegar.

Clean Your Bike With a Kitchen Appliance Cleaning Set

Main Purpose: The name says it all. Originally we designed the OXO Kitchen Appliance Cleaning Set to be a multi-purpose kitchen tool, equipped to clean anything from baked-on messes to blender blades to mesh strainers.

Cleaning Hack: This handy item can be used to clean the nooks and crannies of bikes. The flat scraper is also great for getting stickers off surfaces.

It just goes to show, even if you try to make a product for a wide range of uses, there's always room for innovation.

Find even more clever hacks with these alternative uses for bottle drying racks and apple dividers.


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