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6 Simple Clutter-Clearing Tips for the New Year

6 Simple Clutter-Clearing Tips for the New Year

Words Erin Zimmer

Tidy Tova, a professional organizer based in NYC, shares easy tips and tricks to help you get rid of clutter quickly.

A big organizing project after the holidays can be daunting. But clearing the clutter in your home can be extremely satisfying. Get started on that New Year’s resolution with these helpful tips on decluttering various rooms around the house, from the pantry and the bathroom to the linen closet.

pantry organization

1. Go Clear with Pantry Storage

The best way to declutter your pantry or kitchen cabinets is to store your grains, nuts, snacks and other dried goods in clear, airtight-sealed containers. The POP containers are great—especially when storing spices—because you can easily scan and see how much you have left and when to restock at the grocery store. The containers will keep you on track so there are no surprises when you’re running low on something.

If you want to be crazy-organized, you can store grains in square POP Containers and snacks in circular POP Containers. You’ll know exactly where to reach for when it’s snack time. Also—label the contents of each container with a label maker or some removable labels. The labels are like a little voice reminding you to behave and follow your own rules. No pantry? Try these organization tips for small kitchens.

2. Put Seasonal Stuff Away

Once you’ve digested that last spritz cookie, it’s probably time to pack up the seasonal decor. Once again, go with clear OXO POP storage containers so you can easily see what’s inside. Don’t just throw everything into containers in a haphazard fashion—you’ll be giving yourself way more work to do next year. Store everything by category and label the front of the storage container (i.e. “Gift Wrap” or “Tree Decorations”).


3. Hooks Are Helpful

You can and should maximize spaces with hooks. Hooks give you easy access to jackets, bags, or any other grab-and-go items adding clutter to the top of tables, chairs or couches. Hooks are also helpful in the kitchen to hang oven mitts, towels, and aprons.

desk drawer organizers

4. Drawers Should Have Specific Uses

Every drawer should have a specific use. Even if it’s a “junk drawer”—that’s fine! Junk drawers are totally acceptable. But make sure there’s some sense of organization in there. Use drawer dividers to keep smaller items corralled and larger items off to the side. These dividers can also be used to organize your bathroom drawers to separate loose items like Q-tips and pills. Plus, pills can be easily stored in these clear plastic baby blocks.

5. Linen Closet Shelving

This one’s pretty straightforward but worth noting: Dedicate the easy-to-reach shelf to towels and sheets you use most often in everyday life. Dedicate the harder-to-reach shelves (up high and down low) to back-up linens you don’t use quite as often. This spring cleaning bedroom checklist is a great way to get started.

6. Throw Away Expired Items

Throwing away expired items is an easy way to achieve an attainable decluttering goal. Start with the medicine cabinet. Now’s a good time as any to toss any beauty products you’re not going to use. From there, move on to the fridge with these simple cleaning steps.

Need more organization lessons? Here’s how to tidy up your home office desk drawers and kitchen counters.

By Erin Zimmer

Erin Zimmer is a freelance writer and photo stylist for OXO. The former managing editor of James Beard award-winning food website Serious Eats, Erin is based in New Orleans, where she loves adventures in her canoe, evenings on the porch, and long bayou walks with her dog Lillie.

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