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6 Best Bathroom Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know

6 Best Bathroom Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know

Words Tidy Tova

With these handy tricks, it won’t take too long to keep up with minor cleaning tasks throughout the week. Here are six essential tips for getting your bathroom sparkling and organized.

The bathroom has a tendency to get dirty fast, whether it’s the hairballs on the floor, a shower full of water stains and mold, or toothpaste globs in the sink. The bathroom can also become a resting place for our oldest of beauty products, toiletries, and dirty towels. And since this room is specifically used to get clean and freshen up, it should allow you to feel good and fresh.

Whether you’re looking to start spring cleaning or decluttering your space for good, here are six genius cleaning hacks to keep your bathroom looking tidy.

1. Wipe Down Your Sink and Counter Daily (Yes, Daily!)

To make deep cleaning your bathroom a little easier, keep some disinfecting wipes under your bathroom sink so you can give a quick wipe down at the end of each day. This one-minute trick will fight off any dusty or dirty buildup and keep the mess from getting to an overwhelming state. It’s the key to maintenance and that constant clean feel! While you’re at it, become a pro at cleaning your kitchen sink with these helpful tips.

bathroom organization

2. Detox Your Drawers and Medicine Cabinet

Don’t overload the minimal bathroom storage with products you don’t actually use or like. Stick to the items you use most often (daily or at least weekly) and keep the rest somewhere else, like in the linen closet. Make sure to take a monthly look at expiration dates and the condition of the toiletries and toss anything that’s looking crusty, expired, or just unusable. Plus, try these quick and easy ways to organize your bathroom drawers.

squeegee for the shower

3. Keep a Squeegee in the Shower

Dry shower walls will serve your bathroom well and help ward off any mold or water stains. Suction a squeegee to the wall and use it post-shower. You’ll be thankful when a more thorough cleaning down the line requires less scrubbing effort.

4. Shower Caddies Are Your Friend

Suspending your hair and body products in a shower caddy will reduce mold buildup underneath the bottles and allow them to dry properly. And since a caddy takes up minimal space, it will keep your product quantities in check—one shampoo at a time! Go the extra mile in your cleaning by getting a bathroom drain protector to catch your hair.

5. Limit the Number of “Active Towels”

Too many hanging towels will make your bathroom feel smaller and less tidy. Get in the habit of using one towel per family member at a time and rotate weekly. Designate a specific day of the week for switching over to clean towels so you won’t forget to do the swap. And while you’re using them, make sure you have enough hooks so they don’t end up piling on the floor.

6. Pump Up the Music During a Deeper Clean

Weekend mornings are a great time to conquer your dirty bathroom—but make it fun or you’ll never want to do it! Turn on an upbeat playlist and head in there with your dancing feet. Shake those hips while you scrub the shower tiles, clean the toilet bowl, and mop the bathroom floor.

Make your space feel even newer with these 4 easy bathroom upgrade ideas.

By Tidy Tova

Tidy Tova is a Professional Organizer based in NYC. She is passionate about cleaning, organizing, and working to make the world a tidier place! She also loves camping, bike riding, swimming, and brewing her own kombucha.

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