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5 Kitchen Chores You Should Do Every Night — And 3 You Should Do in the Morning

Follow this little checklist and you’ll be greeted by a fresh space that’s ready to take on all the cooking for the day.

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How many times have you been told to make your bed first thing in the morning? The simple task gives you an easy win and helps you start the day on the right foot. And while quick morning habits like this are crucial, don’t overlook what you can accomplish at night too. Before you curl up on the couch to watch Ted Lasso (and inevitably fall asleep, no offense to Ted!), there are a few 10-minute tasks you should do every night to close down your kitchen. Take a little time to do them now and, in the morning, you’ll be welcomed by a fresh space that’s ready to take on the day. Here, five chores you should do every single night — and three little ones you can easily do while your coffee brews in the morning.


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