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July 4th Countdown: Cleaning Tips Before Your Barbeque

Hosting a party this Independence Day? We’ve got you covered so you’re not glued to the kitchen or stuck shaking cocktails all day long. Follow along for our countdown to July 4th., which will include cleaning tips, hosting ideas and recipes to try out.

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There’s nothing better than gathering your friends and family together for an outdoor party in the yard. The kids can run around free, you can show off your garden, and your dining room is spared from disaster. But before you can kick back, relax and enjoy the festivities, make sure your space is clean and ready to go. Just follow these few tips and you’ll be good to go.

1. Give your grill a scrub down. To make sure last year’s charcoal or greasy build up is gone before you start grilling this season, take some time to tend to your grill’s interior. Start by detaching the propane tank. Then, remove the grates and metal plates and soak them in a bucket with warm water and dish soap for about fifteen minutes. In the meantime, scrub the inside of the grill with a heavy duty sponge(Opens in a new window) or brush(Opens in a new window), removing the grime and ash. Give the grates and metal plates a hearty rub down before putting them back. Viola!

2. Clean up the porch or patio. Designate a separate broom(Opens in a new window) for your outdoor spaces and give it a label so it doesn't get mixed up with the others. After sweeping your patio, pour some warm water and soap on the ground and sweep it again, this time using extra strength for a deeper scrub. Rinse with water for complete shine!

3. Wash your umbrella and outdoor fabrics. The best way to clean your outdoor cushions and umbrella is to use a soft bristle brush(Opens in a new window), warm water, and gentle soap (like Ivory or Dr. Bronner's). Soak the cushions and pillow cases before scrubbing them with the sponge and for the umbrella, create the solution and scrub the fabric using your brush. Let the fabric dry in the sun.

4. Spruce up your guest bathroom. If you don't have time to clean the entire bathroom, make sure the mirror and toilet bowl(Opens in a new window) are clean. These two areas will make the entire room feel clean for your guests. And while you're at it, light a candle to add a fresh scent.

5. Prepare for easy cleanup. To avoid bringing trash back into your home, place a garbage can outside for simple cleanup. And make sure you have an extra drying mat(Opens in a new window) handy for all of the dishes coming your way post-party.



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