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5 Simple Organization Tweaks That’ll Revolutionize Your Kitchen

From the cabinets to the sink, these ingenious organization ideas will help you whip your kitchen into shape.

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Don’t have the time (or the energy) for a massive kitchen overhaul? You can still radically transform the entire space by making just a few small tweaks. These simple adjustments will show you how to organize your kitchen cabinets and tidy up your counters and sink, and they’ll only take a few minutes to implement. Plus, these ideas will save you precious time whenever you’re cooking, and free you up to enjoy that delicious dish you just made. You’ve got this!

Coordinate Your Cabinets

You’ve got a jumble of mismatched boxes and unorganized snack bags in your kitchen cabinets, and it’s impossible to keep them looking neat. (We’ve all been there!) It’s time for a more efficient system. Try switching everything into clear storage containers—you’ll be amazed at what a difference they can make. No matter how far back the containers end up in your cabinet, you’ll be able to easily see what’s inside. Our modular, stackable POP Containers can create any number of height combinations so you can make the most of your kitchen cabinet and counter space, and the airtight seal ensures that your food stays fresh.  The finishing touch: Slap on labels so everything is clearly identified.

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Try a Turntable


Got lots of unopened condiments, bottles of vinegar or cans of tomatoes to store? Find the one you need right away with a turntable, which spins to give you easy access to every item onboard. Thanks to an innovative wide base design, our turntables don’t interfere with nearby items or walls as they twist, and the ledge keeps ingredients from falling off. Whether you need a large turntable or a slightly smaller option, we’ve got you covered.

Spruce Up Your Sink

Sinkware Storage
Sinkware Storage

The dirty dishes have piled up and you just can’t find the sponge. Is it buried under that gross mountain of bowls? An organized sink caddy will help you get this situation under control. Try our new Suction Sink Caddy , a large basket which sticks to the inside of your sink. You can fill it with brushes, sponges and any other cleaning tools littering your counter. Always reaching for the same brush? Convenient hooks make that brush easy to snag as you scrub. And if you need to wash a giant item, it’s a cinch to slide the removable basket off to make room in the kitchen sink. We can’t promise you’ll start loving the dishwashing routine—but we will help you get the job done a whole lot faster. (You can also give your sink a more thorough cleaning, if you’re feeling up for it.)

Set Up Your Silverware


It’s so easy for forks and spoons to get mixed up in a kitchen drawer. Keep them organized and make the most of your space with an expandable utensil organizer. It lets you stack your flatware in opposite directions, fitting more items than ever before. Any unusually shaped items can go in the expanding section, which has easily adjustable dividers so you can make room for whatever you need.

Protect Your Produce

Gg           C
Gg C

If you’re sick of veggies going bad practically as soon as you buy them, you need to invest in a produce keeper. Ours uses enhanced carbon filters to trap and absorb ethylene gas, a natural plant hormone that can accelerate the ripening process. It also has vents to make sure each type of produce is stored with the right amount of humidity, so you can keep all your ingredients fresh. Bonus: The removable basket keeps vegetable off the bottom and sides of the container, and you can also use the basket as a colander as you rinse off your produce.


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