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Genius Ideas to Organize Every Drawer in Your Kitchen

Genius Ideas to Organize Every Drawer in Your Kitchen

Save your sanity with these drawer-organizing tips for the kitchen, including what to save and what to toss—and how to make the most of the space you have.

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If cooking even a simple meal throws your kitchen into a state of chaos, it’s time to get organized. With your kitchen cabinets and drawers in order, meal prep and clean up will be so much easier. And you’ll never spend another minute looking for the vegetable peeler again. Organized kitchen drawers mean you can spend less time worrying about finding things and more time cooking the foods you love. Follow these easy steps to declutter, sort and arrange your cooking utensils, spices and more.

Step 1: Schedule Time to Get Organized

If you have the time, it’s wise to organize all your kitchen drawers at once, so you know exactly what is going where. Plus, organizing them at the same time means you can haul everything out onto the counter and see what you have duplicates (and triplicates) of, so you can discard or donate the extras. Set aside several hours to do your drawers right.

Step 2: Start with Single-Use Drawers

Tackle drawers dedicated to specific categories, like cutlery, first. Take everything out, clean the drawer and remove items that belong elsewhere. Insert an organizer specifically designed for storing forks, spoons and knives, like this expandable utensil organizer featuring adjustable dividers to fit your drawer size perfectly. For kitchens that are tight on drawer space, a smaller utensil organizer can still hold all your flatware.

organize kitchen drawers

Step 3: Sort and Edit

After emptying your drawers, sort your kitchen items into groups based on how you use them: all the baking tools together, coffee and tea accessories in a pile, knives in another and so on. This process may reveal that you have multiples in a particular category. Once all your knives are collected, put them back in a single drawer using our compact knife drawer organizer that saves space and provides safety by storing the knives with the blades facing down.

organize kitchen drawers

Step 4: Organize Your Spices

Finding the right home for spice collections can be tricky. Consider this compact spice drawer organizer, which holds jars horizontally so you can easily see and grab what you need while freeing up precious room on your counter. If you buy your spices in bulk, place them in these airtight, space-efficient containers before stashing in your drawer.

Step 5: Empty Mixed-Use Drawers

Next up: The drawers with mixed cooking tools, serving utensils, table linens and dish towels and all the other odds and ends in your kitchen. Empty contents onto the counter or dining room table. Identify anything broken or not worth saving and discard. Clean each empty drawer then insert an expandable drawer divider into one drawer to use for dish towels, aprons and pot holders. In another drawer, place an expandable kitchen tool drawer organizer—it conveniently stretches and shrinks to fit your drawer dimensions with larger compartments perfect for cooking tools.

Step 6: Rethink What Goes Where

As you place items back in your drawers, think about what happens in each area of your kitchen. For example, would it make more sense for your eating utensils to go near the dishwasher for easy unloading? Should your spice drawer move closer to your main food prep station? Reserve your deep lower drawers for larger items and small appliances. Start re-homing items into their new spots, but don’t fill any drawer too full.

Once your kitchen drawers are organized, put dates on the calendar to declutter your countertops, spruce up your kitchen cabinets and tidy up the pantry. Getting the whole kitchen organized is the secret to stress-free meal prep and easy clean up later.

Craving more kitchen inspiration? These simple tweaks will revolutionize your kitchen organization.


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