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Organizing for Your Guests and Your Health from The Makerista

You spend hours sweeping the floors, dusting the tabletops, scrubbing the bathrooms, and mopping the tile. You light candles, turn on music, and set the food out. Your guests arrive to a beautiful home and head straight to the kitchen to talk to you while you prep the last few bites. As you go to open the fridge you cringe for a moment, remembering how unorganized and filthy it is…67 kids cups, wilted lettuce you bought because you told yourself you were going to start eating more salads, leftovers that were left over weeks ago and let’s face it, the longer they’re in there, the less you want to be the one to get rid of them.

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Sure, this might not make you feel the best in front of guests, but the disorganization of your fridge can lead to stress and poor meal choices all year long.  I’ve learned something as of late, and being aware of it has allowed me to keep things in check: if our fridge is a mess it’s a pretty good indicator that my life is in stress.  Whether it’s cluttered and filled with bad food or desolate and forcing us to eat out, good food and the organization of it leads to better living.


Cohesive Containers(Opens in a new window) Just like storage in your closet or drawers, having the same containers makes the space feel intentional.  Investing in good quality pieces that seal tight means food stays fresh, and you don’t have to keep replacing your containers every year or so.  I finally got a set of OXO Smart Seal Glass Containers(Opens in a new window), and their versatility is exactly what I needed.  They are made from thermal shock-resistant borosilicate glass, so they can be kept in the refrigerator or freezer, and they can go straight into the microwave or oven . And the glass means I don’t have to cringe anymore when my husband heats up his leftovers in the microwave.


Turntables(Opens in a new window) If you’re not using these in your fridge you’re probably not able to easily use every square inch of your space, especially if you have a standard depth fridge.  Ours is counter depth, but lazy susans still make finding things toward the back and corralling jars much easier.  I use the 11″ turntable in here(Opens in a new window) to hold dips and my supplements, but a standard depth fridge would easily fit a 16″(Opens in a new window).


Invest in Your Fruits and Vegetables(Opens in a new window) Recently I discovered OXO’s GreenSaver containers, and they have saved me time and money with less trips to the store and less food in the trash. From a large container for your greens to smaller versions for fruits and berries, they store it all.  OXO even has inserts(Opens in a new window) for your fridge’s fruit and veggie drawer to collect the gases that perishables give off.  I love taking produce out of its packaging and putting it right into the drawer.  My kids seem to eat way more of the healthy stuff when there’s not a barrier between them.

Along with lots of fruits and veggies, I try to always have fresh herbs on hand (a Whole30 will teach you how to love cooking with them).  In the winter, when I can’t grow my own, they can add up on the grocery bill and oftentimes so much of it goes to waste. The herb keepers(Opens in a new window) definitely keep them fresher, longer.


Head to The Makerista(Opens in a new window) for all of her fridge organization tips and more.


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