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7 Surprising Things You Can Use to Organize Your Pantry

Who cares what these kitchen items were originally designed for? Check out all the useful things they can do to keep your pantry organized.

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When it comes to organizing your pantry, you probably already know to use a set of canisters like POP Containers to decant various dry goods. (We’re talking pasta, flour, beans, etc.) And you likely already know to harness the power of a turntable to arrange all of your special cooking oils. But what if you need some extra help organizing your kitchen? Don’t worry. Chances are, you already have some of the handy equipment you need right in your home.

Turns out, lots of products that were technically designed for other spaces can also work wonders in a pantry — whether your pantry is a single cabinet next to your dishes or a giant walk-in space that’s still somehow never big enough. Here, seven smart pantry organization hacks.

Sinkware Storage Sinkware Storage
Sinkware Storage

Store Pouches and Packets in a Sponge Holder

How many sauce pouches and seasoning packets do you have on hand right now? And how badly are they cluttering up your pantry shelf? Affix a StrongHold Suction Sponge Holder to the wall (or the side of a cabinet) and you can file the packets on their side. On a related note: The Stronghold Suction Shower Accessories Cup can do the same thing inside your fridge for cheese sticks, yogurt tubes, ketchup packets, and more.

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Hang Up Chips with a ClipHanger

ClipHangers are especially great for hanging up face masks between uses, but that’s not all they’re good for. If you have wire shelving in your pantry, you can use the clips to seal half-eaten bags of chips and then hang them up. This will free up shelf space and get your snacks in order.


File Baking Sheets (and More) With Drawer Dividers

Clearly, these Expandable Dresser Drawer Dividers are meant for dressers. That hasn’t stopped some of their fans from using the dividers with pantry shelves, with excellent results. Just set the dividers up vertically, from one shelf to the bottom of the next shelf. This way, you can file bulkier items — like baking sheets, cutting boards, platters, muffin tins, and the like — on their sides. Then then you can easily pull out what you need, when you need it, without worrying about setting off any sort of clang-y avalanche.

Bathroom Drawer Organization Bathroom Drawer Organization
Bathroom Drawer Organization

Group Seasonings Together in Drawer Organizers

You can use all kinds of containers for organizing your herbs and spices, but a Drawer Bin Set gives you extra flexibility because the bins are adjustable. Group all your taco seasonings in one tray, baking spices in another, stir fry stuff in another. This way, you can just grab the container with all the seasonings you need for dinner at once.

Dish Rack Dish Rack
Dish Rack

Stand Pot Lids Up on a Dish Rack

Stack up all your pot lids in a pile, and you’ll likely send them all tumbling when you try to grab one. Instead, try standing the lids up on a Dish Rack and you’ll be amazed at how many you can line up– and at how well they stay in place.

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Stack Cookie Cutters on a Paper Towel Holder

If you’re a big baker, chances are you have way more cookie cutters than you know what to do with. Our solution: Stack them up on the pole of a paper towel holder. You may have to pull a few of them off the pole to get to the one you need for your cookie project, but you won’t have to deal with a jumbled mess of metal.

Shower Caddy Shower Caddy
Shower Caddy

Use a Shower Caddy for Bottles, Canned Goods, and More

This 3-Tier Shower Caddy is a great way to add extra storage space to your kitchen. Hang it on the back of your pantry door and use its shelves to arrange bottles, canned goods, and anything else that needs a home. The caddy will help keep everything out of the way and easy to reach. Need to streamline more than just your pantry? Check out our tips for organizing two other big problem areas: WFH desks and bathrooms.

Need to streamline more than just your pantry? Check out our tips for organizing two other big problem areas: WFH desks and bathrooms.


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