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How to Clean Your Living Room

Get your living room sparkling clean with these easy tips for tidying and deep cleaning.

3 min read

For many, the living room is the heart of the home; it’s where everyone gathers, entertains and relaxes. This comes with some downsides though, like clutter, dust, and wear and tear. We’re turning things around and have living room cleaning tips to help you tackle the parts you haven’t thought about in a while.

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Take it to New Heights


A widely forgotten area to clean; light fixtures, ceiling fans and high corners collect tons of dust. Clean these hard-to-reach spots with the long reach dusting system; it extends up to 8 feet and even has a closed loop duster to get all sides of the fan blades. You’ll be astonished how much dust accumulates in your lights, but pleased at how bright the room becomes.

Wipe Windows Spotless


Achieve sparkling clean windows with a cleaner (white vinegar and water work great here) and a squeegee, working from top to bottom. This leaves the window glass streak-free. For any leftover residue, let the cleaning solution sit for a few extra minutes and then scrub away with an antimicrobial scrubber that won’t damage the glass.

Dust Down Low

You’ve managed to get rid of the dust up high, but now it’s time to look down and take on the floors.


Give Furniture Some TLC

We know how living room furniture can take a beating—whether it’s natural wear, children or pets, couches and chairs can get pretty bent out of shape.

  • Take off any couch cushions and pillows. Sweep or vacuum any crumbs and dirt that has made its way between cushions. If you have pets, run the Furlifter Furniture Brush on any upholstery to get rid of fur and debris. You’ll be amazed how quickly your furniture will transform.

  • Wipe any surfaces—coffee tables and side tables - with a cleaner and towel. Use a duster to capture dust on book shelves, picture frames or any other items in the room.

What other living room cleaning tips do you have? Tell us in the comments! Share your cleaning progress on social media using #OXOBetter.


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