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Staff Picks: Our Cleaning Tips Around the House

Staff Picks: Our Cleaning Tips Around the House

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Cleaning the house can be one of those dreaded chores that seems endless, and if you’re allergic to dust like me, it makes you sneeze a lot! These easy tips and tricks will help you get it done.

Opening the kitchen cabinet and seeing everything labeled and organized or, my favorite, taking a peek under the bed and finding absolutely no dust—these are the moments that make it all worth it. We’ve put together some tips from OXOnians to help kickstart the year so you can wake up in a dust-free, clutter-free, and orderly home too.

1. Breathe Easy

January is the thick of winter, which means dry skin, stuffy noses, and sore throats—we get them, and we hate them too. Enter: the humidifier. It’s probably being put to good work, so don’t forget to clean it with a long bottle brush to get into the humidifier tank. This helps you breathe clean air and may even prevent a stuffy nose or two.

2. Look Up (in the Shower!)

There’s a good chance your shower head has never, ever been cleaned—just think about all that mold and mineral build-up! It’s time to get scrubbing with a deep clean brush set, and while you’re at it, don’t forget all the grout lines in your bathroom. Next time you take a shower, you’ll feel more at ease just knowing how much build up you got rid of.

3. Turn(table) It Up

The area under the kitchen sink is one of those places where miscellaneous cleaning solutions and sponges pile up in a disorganized mess, so why not enlist a turntable to keep it all contained and accessible instead of having to dig around? Reaching for a new bottle of dish soap without knocking over everything else will be a positive change for this dark area.

4. Go Where No Duster Has Gone Before

The new year is a good time to clean those places that never see the light of day. Don’t forget those areas behind the TV, under the couch and bed, and a personal favorite, between the fridge and the kitchen counter. Use a great duster to go where other dusters don’t usually go. There’s a huge sense of satisfaction (and repulsion) when you see what comes out from under there.

5. Blocks: Not Just for Babies

Organize spices, sprinkles, and even pills in these little baby blocks in glass or plastic. They’re the perfect size for cabinets, they stack for easy storage, and you’ll be glad to trade in your various spice containers for a uniform, organized look.

6. Cleaning Tools Need Cleaning Too

It’s easy to forget that cleaning tools need a little cleaning too. Don’t forget to wash your sponge holders, dish racks, and dusters so they can do their jobs too.

7. Don’t Forget the Laundry Room

Though it might not be your favorite chore, make laundry a little easier this year. Stick a foldaway hook on a door near the washer and dryer so when dress shirts come out, there’s a place to hang them immediately before they end up in a wrinkly pile.

8. After the Dust Has Settled

Dust accumulates on all sorts of surfaces, so here’s a friendly reminder to give those forgotten places—like the tops of picture frames!—a little dusting. Grab your duster and say bye-bye to that hidden build-up, and enjoy the picture without your eyes darting to the dusty edges.

9. Be Logical

This might seem obvious, but a reminder couldn’t hurt: organize kitchens, pantries, and closets by frequency of use. Who wants to be digging around in cabinets for cutting boards? Store items you use most frequently near the working area so they’re easily accessible.

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