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How to Style a Small Bedroom

How to Style a Small Bedroom

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Living in a small bedroom can be challenging, as a lack of room can make it difficult to create a tidy, elegant space. After all, it’s tricky to catch those Z’s if you’re overwhelmed by piles of clothes, too much furniture, or scattered décor pieces. Successful bedroom styling is totally attainable though — all it takes is a bit of thoughtful organization. Does your tiny bedroom need some help? Stay stylish and neat with our simple tips and tricks for small-bedroom bliss.


1. Choose a Focal Point

When it comes to small-space décor, less is often more. Too many competing décor choices can look cramped, so start by choosing one area to act as a focal point. Place a piece of art over your dresser, adorn your nightstand with a lush plant, or dress your bed in a classic duvet cover. The result is a sleek bedroom foundation you can easily build upon.


2. Make Use of Unconventional Space

Design a place for any odd items by making use of all available space, including areas under the bed, behind the door, or on the walls. The key here is to match items with appropriate storage—to keep your small bedroom looking polished, keep bulkier, less-used items in under-the-bed boxes and storing visually appealing items on wall shelves. If wall space is limited, you can also collect your favorite bags and clothing items on a simple, clear over-the-door rack. Extra points for this one since it protects the door finish.

3. Add a Few Thoughtful Accessories

Décor is in the details, and in a small space, we recommend choosing a limited number of smart accessories. A curated collection of decorative accents, from throw pillows to greenery to cozy blankets, adds character without making your space feel overcrowded. For example, we love the look of patterned sheets or a colorful collection of books.

4. Maximize Traditional Storage Pieces

Make the most of limited space and choose pieces that are both chic and functional, like refined dressers or nightstands. As you may only be able to fit one dresser or nightstand in a small space, it’s important to maximize its functionality. To keep drawers from becoming untidy, use dresser drawer dividers for your clothing or utensil organizers for smaller items like cosmetics, jewelry, and hair ties.

5. Amplify Light

One of the simplest ways to make a small space feel larger is to magnify natural light. You can do so by choosing light-colored pieces, like accent pillows, dressing your windows in sheer window coverings, and using mirrors to reflect and amplify sunlight. If possible, paint your walls illuminating shades of beige, vibrant white, or pale grey; these light colors will make your small space feel brighter.


6. Keep Laundry in Check

In any bedroom, but particularly in a small space, laundry can pile up and create a messy, unattractive space. To keep your bedroom (and your mind!) clear, choose a subtle, streamlined hamper to keep laundry tucked away, and be sure to do laundry regularly. There’s no need to keep to a strict schedule, but tackling laundry before it gets out of hand helps to create an orderly bedroom you’ll love.
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