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Smart Ways to Use OXO POP Containers Beyond the Kitchen

Our iconic POP containers are good for so much more than pantry staples. Discover how you can use them to organize the coat closet, office and nearly every other room in your house.

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If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you already know (and love!) our OXO POP Containers. But in case you’re not familiar, let’s back up: These storage containers come in a variety of sizes and have a super-satisfying airtight seal that really does pop with a push of a button, making them ideal for dry goods, snacks and other pantry staples. They’re stackable and space efficient. Plus they’re clear, so you can see what’s in them at a glance. All of these features have helped our POP Containers earn a cult-like following among home cooks, professional chefs and home organizers.

And while they were developed as a food storage solution for the kitchen, they’re also incredibly handy when it comes to organizing the rest of your home. Let’s take a virtual walk through your house, where we’ll discover some ingenious ways to put OXO POP Containers to good use.

POP Containers Kids Toys

Organize the Playroom

We have two words for you: toy jail. It’s exactly what it sounds like—and it’s brilliant. Your child has a set time (say, 30 minutes before bed or by the end of your Netflix show) to clean up errant toys. Once that deadline passes, anything still out gets scooped up into a container and put away in a spot your kiddo can’t reach until you grant parole. Fact: Our 4-quart container can hold an impressive haul of blocks, figurines and toy cars.

Not just an aid for rule enforcement, these containers can also be used for convenient storage. Try the 1.5-quart container for crayons and the 2.5-quart container for small accessories and game pieces. The best thing about this storage solution? Because the containers are clear, your little ones won’t have to tear through endless boxes trying to figure out which one holds their beloved Fingerlings.

POP Containers Bathroom

Maximize Bathroom Space

Most of us have so much to store in that small space that is the bathroom. Use POP Containers to neatly display everyday items like cotton swabs, cotton balls, little hand soaps and more. Under the sink, you can use larger containers to hold feminine hygiene products or cleaning supplies. And in the medicine cabinet, our smallest containers can organize bandages, bobby pins and manicure supplies.

Sort the Coat Closet

Tired of reaching up on the top shelf for a beach blanket only to have a comical amount of seasonal gear topple down on your head? You don’t need a storage container for every item, but it helps to have a way to organize the two most gear-ific seasons of summer and winter. This POP Container is great for holding sunglasses. It’s also pretty convenient for knit hats and those winter gloves that always seem to lose their mates.

Tidy Up the Garage

We’re guessing your garage has a ton of stuff in it. Get a grip on your goods by using smaller POP Containers for nails, washers, screws and other tiny hardware pieces. Sort batteries by size and give each its own container as well. Employ taller POP Containers to keep paint brushes dirt- and dust-free, and use another container to put away all those extra cables and chargers floating around.

POP Containers Desk Supplies

Declutter the Office

Push pins, paper clips and stamps have a way of piling up in the most random spots. Even in this digital age, we seem to accumulate copious amounts of office supplies. Keep it all organized in our .5-quart containers, which can easily be lined up inside a shallow desk drawer. All those receipts you’re saving for next month’s report? Throw them into a round canister until you can block out time to tackle your expenses.

Make Laundry Safer

You’ve already heard about the dangers of those detergent pods (children can mistake them for candy!), so in addition to leaving them in their packaging, you should also consider putting the whole bag into one of our bigger POP containers. One more layer of defense can’t hurt. Plus, POP containers are great for your wool dryer balls which we love using instead of dryer sheets!

Check out all of our POP containers here and then go get organized!


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