Declutter Your Shower With These Smart Storage Ideas

Add much needed storage space to your bathroom shower with these clever organizing solutions.

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Not all bathrooms are created equally. Some (see: bathroom of my dreams) include multiple sinks with large vanity mirrors, elegant jacuzzi-style tubs big enough to live in, and a storage closet that can house extra toiletries and towels in case of a surprise guest. While others (see: reality, especially in a New York City apartment) include only the bare bones of a sink, a mirror, a toilet, a tub, and lots of empty tile on the wall. The lack of extra storage space in the bathroom may not feel like a problem at first, but when you’re sharing a bathroom with others, you start to notice how challenging it can be.

At first, my bathroom was a peaceful paradise with only a sprinkling of soap bars, shampoos and body wash bottles lining the side of the tub, but as my roommates and I experimented with different scents and scrubs, an army had grown. Suddenly, it was impossible to remove one bottle without knocking over four others, beginning a never-ending game of “put the bottle back.” Thankfully, with a hand from OXO, we were able to utilize the open tile space to quickly make the bathroom clutter-free, functional, and better for everyone.

Before you get started, give your shower a deep clean to start with a fresh slate and help the organizers suction better to the walls. While you're at it, learn how to clean everything in your bathroom (and tips for keeping it clean and organized on the daily).

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Add Space for Shampoo Bottles

First things first, we had to get the bottles off the shower ledge. That arrangement wasn’t only making it hard to reach for the right bottle, but they were blocking the tub corners, risking mold underneath them. Enter the StrongHold Suction Basket(Opens in a new window). Installation was a breeze, I just wiped down the tiled part of the wall we would use, placed the basket, and locked it into place using the flip-down lever. In seconds we lifted the bottles, and now we can reach them without causing an avalanche.

Need even more space for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles? Try adding an Aluminum 3 Tier Shower Caddy over the showerhead. Or, create even more storage with the OXO Good Grips Quick-Extend Aluminum Pole Caddy, which extends to fit into any shower or tub corner to add four adjustable shelves that can fit everything you need.

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Create a Space for Soap Bars

Next, we needed to find a place for the soap. While the corners of the tub seemed like a great option, the bars kept sliding into the bath and I took two slippery falls too many. Fool me once, shame on me; fool me twice, I’m finding a solution. We reached for two StrongHold Suction Soap Dishes(Opens in a new window) to help contain the soapy monsters. Those quickly went up—and stayed up. I haven’t had to save myself from a soap spill since.

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Make Space for Towels and Shaving Supplies

To make the bathroom fully functional, we added some final touches. By setting up two StrongHold Suction Hooks(Opens in a new window) right next to the shower, we were able to start hanging towels where we could comfortably reach for them, instead of letting them rest on the questionable (when was this last cleaned?) toilet seat while stretching to grab them. The addition of a Suction Fogless Shower Mirror(Opens in a new window) and a few Suction Razor Holders(Opens in a new window) made shaving in the shower (when your pores are most open) an easier task for everyone, without being an eyesore.

The best part of all about these upgrades is that when we’re done with the bathroom, we can pack everything up and take it with us—no contractor or lost security deposit to worry about. And, if rotating roommates make our bathroom needs change, we can always rearrange.

Don't forget to organize your bathroom drawers too to create maximum storage space for everyone.


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