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bathroom suction organizers

Organize Your Shower With These Smart Storage Ideas

Need more shower storage space? Use the walls. Here’s how to get organized.

6 min read

Organizing your shower with these smart shower storage ideas will make your whole bathroom feel bigger. Really! 

Sure, big bathrooms are nice. But you actually don’t need a lot of space for a bathroom to look great and function well. The secret in streamlining your shower? Figuring out which items belong at close reach and which could be stored elsewhere by using clever organizing solutions around the bathroom.  Get started with these easy-to-follow steps:

squeegee cleaning shower

1. Do a deep clean

Start by scrubbing down both your bathroom and  your shower, which will make it easier to keep them clean and stay organized. Some items you’ll need for sure: An all-purpose scrub brush that can get into nooks and crevices, a drain protector for your shower or tub to catch extra hair and debris, plus microfiber cloths for making all those fixtures shine. Also, getting in the habit of squeegeeing off tiled walls and glass shower doors after every use goes a long way toward keeping things fresh as well. This is also the perfect time to toss old, half used toiletries and medications.

2. Make a plan

Before you can decide where to place your shower essentials, consider your bathroom space as a whole. Start by organizing your bathroom shelves and drawers so that everything has its own place and is grouped together in small bins. This will help you determine if the drawers or medicine cabinet might have space to house additional items that don’t need to be in the shower. Then determine if your towels are within reach. If not, designate a place for suction hooks strong enough to support towels so that you can grab one without needing to dash across the bathroom. If there are accessories—loofahs or scrub brushes—that get used less frequently than your everyday shampoos and soaps, visualize where they might be hung on hooks or if they could be transported into the shower in a caddy or basket when needed.

3. Design your shower space

If you have a window ledge or a shelf, make use of it by placing a group of similar items that will fit there easily. For additional space, strategically place a few suction baskets on clean, dry tile, keeping in mind that corner baskets are often the most efficient. Use one basket for shampoos and conditioners, another for body wash or face soap. If you like to apply moisturizer before exiting the shower, place that in the basket, too. Another option: Hang a shower caddy over the shower head to place everyday essentials at eye level.

4. Add in extras

Once you’ve figured out the best locations for your larger items, add in a suction soap dish and a fogless mirror and suction razor holder for shaving. Another trick for keeping things tidy is getting products  out of their bottles of various shapes and colors and into more uniform soap dispensers.

razor attached to bathroom wall

5. Make it kid friendly

While some toddlers need a little help to love bath time, most kids enjoy just how fun shower and bath time can be. However, separating adult items from toys or toddler gear will make it easier to stay organized in a small space. One option to try: An extendable pole caddy with adjustable shelves. Place items the kids will use on a lower shelf that they can grab easily while keeping adult items up high and out of reach. Or affix a kids-only toy bin plus a few baskets to the tile in the lower third of the shower so that the kids can easily access what they want.

6. Use the surrounding space

If there’s room, consider adding a moveable cart to your bathroom and keeping it near—but not in—the shower. A stash of dry washcloths, after-shower body oil, even a splash-proof bluetooth speaker can all be placed here. A small bench or stool with folded dry towels is another handy item to keep near the shower, especially if you’re low on space in bathroom drawers or nearby closets.

Ultimately, the key to organizing your shower is figuring out what actually belongs in there and what could best be stored elsewhere. Once you’ve got a plan for that, your space will be more efficient, not to mention relaxing. And with all that extra energy, why not finally get to organizing your bedroom?


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