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Why I Give My Kids Chores and the Best Cleaning Products by The Makerista

Why I Give My Kids Chores and the Best Cleaning Products by The Makerista

Words Gwen Hefner

We love to entertain and while the summer months beckon most of our guests poolside, the cooler times of year invite people inside our home. I get more excited to have people inside because many of our rooms are spaces I’ve put my heart and soul into. But something that has always stressed me out about having guests over is the cleaning.


There is something about adding in a third child that has brought an intensity to this domestication thing well, really to every facet of my life. Honestly, one of the best things blogging has done for me is given me an outlet to channel my OCD. When I first became a stay-at-home mom I was obsessed with the cleanliness of our home, to a point that made me not so fun to live with, I imagine. I mean, I used to clean baseboards with a toothbrush quite regularly. A few more kids and a blog later, don’t you dare get too close to my baseboards.


I still long for a clean and orderly house at all times, but I don’t have the time to make it that way or the brain space to worry about it as much. And because I’m an all-or-nothing perfectionist, I have often left things messy or dirty until I had the time to fully commit to the job. But I’ve figured something out in the last year that has been a game changer. Chores. You heard that right. My kids doing things for me has been a glorious discovery!

To find out the solution The Makerista uses in her spray mop and more tips on how to get your kids to help around the house, check out this post.

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