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How to Choose a Coffee Maker for Your Wedding Registry

Answer these questions and you’ll be well on your way to knowing which brew master fits your needs.

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You’re getting married! But first, coffee. According to the experts at Zola, a wedding planning site and OXO partner, over 25 percent of couples who register with the brand opt for at least one type of coffee-related item on their gift list. (Espresso machines and drip coffee makers were the most popular picks last year.) Which brew maker should you include? To help you zero in on the choice that best fits your needs, here are some questions to consider.

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How Much Time Do You Have?

Couples who are in a hurry in the early morning hours or want coffee as soon as they step out of bed will likely love the convenience of this 9-cup coffee maker that allows you to set a timer the night before so your coffee is waiting for you when you wake up. Those with time to spare may prefer the personalization of a pour-over or espresso machine.

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Will You Be Drinking On-the-Go?

If you’re planning to pour and pack your coffee for your commute, what you really need is this 8-cup coffee maker that allows you to brew anywhere from a single cup to a full carafe with ease. You’ll get a ton more flavor than those single-serve pods, while still having the convenience of brewing your coffee right in your travel mug.

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How Much Coffee Will You Be Making?

If you drink coffee all day or like to entertain guests, consider our 8-cup French press. It brews coffee that’s rich in flavor while making it easier than ever to clean up, thanks to an innovative GroundsLifter that removes used grounds with the lift of a handle.

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Is Customization Important?

French press, pour-over and espresso machines allow for more coffee-making control. With a French press, grounds steep in the water longer, resulting in richer, more flavorful coffee. Like your brew a little lighter? You can fine-tune the taste by adjusting how long the grounds steep for.

Both French press and pour-over coffee makers allow you to control how you pour water over the grounds. (Another registry idea: an electric kettle.) Some coffee connoisseurs like to do what’s called a bloom pour, saturating grounds first with a small amount of water to release gasses (that can have a bitter taste) which may produce a more even brew. Meanwhile, espresso machines offer the freedom to make a wide variety of espresso-based drinks.

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How Big Is Your Kitchen?

Espresso machines have the biggest countertop footprint, followed by drip coffee makers. So if you’re short on space, French presses or pour-overs may be a good choice. (Bonus: OXO’s Cold Brew Coffee Maker also comes in a compact size.) A single pour-over only needs as much room as your favorite mug.

Do You Prefer Iced or Hot Coffee?

“I’m an iced coffee drinker 12 months a year,” says Emily Forrest Skurnik, director of communications at Zola. “Yet my husband will only drink matcha and my mother loves to have a hot cup when she’s over for a visit.” To keep peace in the family, she registered for a range of coffee-making products that would suit everyone’s needs when she got married. “The OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a useful and well-designed tool that gets a ton of use in my home,” she says. “I also use the Conical Burr Coffee Grinder weekly. My rule of thumb for personalization: Do what works for you as a couple. Don’t register for items that will sit and collect dust. If you like espresso, add an espresso maker. If you like French press coffee, add a French press. If you like it all, add it all.”

And don’t ignore coffee accessories like beautiful mugs or even a monthly coffee bean subscription to fill out your registry requests. For more wedding gift ideas, check out these best-in-brew coffee-lover presents.


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