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Discover the Latest Trends Changing the Hydration Game

From what you drink to how you drink it, everything about water has gone viral. Learn how this essential life element is becoming cool.

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Water is one of the basic building blocks of life, but these days, H20 is anything but basic. There’s a reason for the buzz around it: A recent study(Opens in a new window) links good hydration habits with healthy aging, suggesting that maintaining proper hydration can help stave off illness and lead to longer life expectancy. With news like that, it’s only natural that water is becoming an increasingly big trend.

Leading the way with water trends: New ergonomically designed drink containers that are easy to tote and keep your water cold for hours, helping you stay hydrated wherever you are. Another major trend? Infusing water with exotic flavors, with the hope of encouraging reluctant drinkers to increase their daily water intake.

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Reusable Bottles and Tumblers

Water bottles aren’t just for the gym anymore. Hydrating on the go is in, and there’s no shortage of drinking vessels to choose from. In fact, drink containers now function as much as an opportunity to express your personality as they are a functional vehicle for drinking.

Bottles and tumblers made from eco-friendly materials, like stainless steel and glass, are popular. For those who like their water to stay chilled all day, a vacuum-insulated tumbler, like the OXO Strive Tumbler with Handle, can keep your water chilled for up to 12 hours. Better still, the Strive Tumbler’s ergonomic handle makes it easy to grab and tote, a top straw lid keeps your beverage from splashing and the tapered bottom lets you slip it right into the car cup holder when you travel.

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Adding Effervescence

It’s not just about the containers—it’s what you put in them. Seltzer water has had many iterations: In Victorian-era spa culture, carbonated mineral waters were believed to be conducive to maintaining good health. Today, fizzy water infused with natural flavors has had a resurgence, offering a healthy alternative to soda. With flavors like watermelon and cucumber, tangerine and lemongrass, or cranberry and lime, these bubbly waters turn hydration into an occasion.

Infusing With Fruit and Herbs

Speaking of spas, spa water (mineral or flat water infused with fruit and herbs) has gone from a wellness retreat specialty to a make-at-home standard. Water with lemon and lime is a good place to start, but you can take things up a notch with a pitcher featuring elaborately arranged fruit slices and herb leaf designs and flavors like watermelon-basil and cucumber-mint.

If you want fruit-infused water without all the work, you can opt for an infuser water bottle to take your refreshment wherever you go. Featuring an inner core, much like a tea infuser or filter, you fill it with whatever fruits, vegetables and herbs you like and add water. The inner portion keeps fruit pulp and seeds from getting into the water while allowing the refreshing flavors to infuse your beverage.

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Freezing in Flavor With Ice Cubes

For those looking to elevate their water presentation and experience, one of the hottest water trends is fruit- and herb-infused ice. If you’ve spent time on social media recently, you’ve likely seen influencers filling their ice cube trays with fruits and berries, herbs and flowers, then pouring water over the top. The result: Cubes of all shapes, sizes and flavors that look elegant in drinking glasses at a dinner party or just for fun.

Chopped fruits and herbs aren’t the only ways to elevate your ice. If you want a bolder flavor without artificial additives, freeze fruit juice or coconut water into cubes, then pop a cube or two into your OXO tumbler (the Strive Tumbler comes in two sizes: 32 oz and 40 oz) and slowly let them melt while infusing your water over the course of a whole day.

Sampling Elaborate Flavored-Water Recipes

One of the most viral water trends involves brightly colored, bold-flavored recipes that add sugar-free syrups and powder drink mixes in small amounts to water. These concoctions (search #WaterTok online) feature zany flavors like “Sour Nerds Rope,” “Cotton Candy” and “Peach Ring.” While water purists may not love the trend, it has encouraged many people with aversions to drinking water to increase their intake—and have a little fun while doing it.

Whether it’s spa water to go, carbonated water with fruit essences, or an elaborately flavored water concoction, it’s clear that water is having a moment. Whatever your preference, pour your beverage into a container that will keep it cool and close at hand all day long, so you can be sure to hydrate. Here’s to good health!

P.S., if you’re looking for a little extra kick to your H20, consider adding a splash of caffeine with this cold brew ice cube recipe. (You can also drop these cubes straight into your iced coffee.)


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