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Our Limoncello-Making Tradition (and Recipe!)

Our Limoncello-Making Tradition (and Recipe!)

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When life hands you lemons, make limoncello—or at least that’s our motto here at OXO. Since the summer of 2011, OXOnians (what we call ourselves here at OXO) have been gathering together to peel lemons and make this Italian digestif. It originally made its way to our office by way of Leslie Henderson, our National Sales Manager.

The idea: to bring the office together, use some of our products (like the Swivel Peeler), and of course, have an excuse to drink together. Leslie was inspired to introduce us all to limoncello after making it with her friends. And the beauty of limoncello-making is you have to do it in two rounds, so you get to socialize twice!

Since its first year, the OXO tradition of limoncello-making has grown in popularity and creativity. The group gets bigger and bigger, and the citrus selection gets even more interesting—we’ve since added grapefruits and limes to the mix. This year, we even jazzed up our simple syrup with mint, rosemary, raspberry, lime, and basil.

We also like to keep things in the family, so we use vodka from Prohibition Distillery, co-owned by Brian Facquet (who’s married to Benat Facquet, an OXO Senior Product Manager).

Now, let’s make some limoncello!


Limoncello Round 1

limon process


What you’ll need:

10 lemons (feel free to try other citrus like oranges, limes, or grapefruit)
1 bottle vodka (750 mL)
1 container to hold 750 mL vodka



1. Peel the lemons.
2. Place the lemon peels (make sure they’re pith-free!) in a sealed container with 750 mL of vodka.
3. Let the mixture sit for 4 weeks in a cool, dark place.


Limoncello Round 2 (4 weeks later)

limon process 2


What you’ll need:

2 ½ cups sugar
3 ½ cups water
Any additional flavors (like rosemary, basil, raspberry, lime)



1. Strain the mixture into a decanter and dispose of peels.
2. For the simple syrup, add sugar, water and any additional flavors to a medium saucepan. Stir until sugar is dissolved.
3. Add the simple syrup (the more you add, the sweeter the limoncello will be) to the vodka.
4. Drink up!
We like ours on ice on the hottest of summer days, and always have some in the freezer, where it can be stored for up to a year.

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