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Which Type of Wine Bottle Opener is Right for You?

Which Type of Wine Bottle Opener is Right for You?

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Whether you’re throwing a cocktail party or opening a bottle to enjoy this evening, having the right kind of wine opener for you is key.

You’re probably thinking, “I’ve opened hundreds of bottles before, what’s the big deal?” Well, we’re here to tell you that not all corkscrews and wine openers are created equal. Some might open bottles in a cinch, others might fit in your pocket for travel –  there are many different types of openers and we’re to help you find the best one for you.

Waiter’s Corkscrew: For the traveler, oenophile

A Waiter’s Corkscrew is probably the most common corkscrew you’ll find. It’s what’s used at restaurants and can be impressive among friends. They’re great for quick cork removal—but more importantly, they’re the most compact option. This kind of corkscrew is portable, doesn’t take up space in a drawer and gets the job down. Within the Waiter’s Corkscrew world, there are two kinds: double lever and single lever. The difference is that the double lever provides an extra bit of leverage so you’re pulling less on the cork to come out. This is especially helpful if the cork is longer (yes, not all corks are the same). Bonus: it has a foil cutter.

Winged Corkscrew: For the classic

Winged corkscrews are also among the most common on the market. They swiftly pop corks out of bottles and tend to have the added bonus of a beer bottle opener on the end. The worm (spiral part) is long enough for  all cork lengths and types without shredding, yanking or breaking. If you’ve opened a bottle of white or sparkling wine and it’s not cold enough yet, check out these tips for speed-chilling your wine.

Lever Corkscrew: For the fuss-free

The Vertical Lever Corkscrew makes opening a bottle easy work. In two simple motions, the cork comes out smoothly. Once removed a quick pump of the lever ejects the cork from the screw. The integrated foil cutter makes it an all-around best friend to a wine bottle.

Keep It Fresh

Once you’ve mastered opening a wine bottle, we recommend using stoppers to keep the bottle sealed and fresh (if you haven’t finished it). For easy storing in the fridge, the Spillproof Wine Stoppers have a slim profile and let you store a bottle on the side in the fridge without any mess. Or you can try Silicone Wine Stoppers, which cover the entire bottle opening, creating an airtight, leakproof seal.

Helpful Hand

For tabletop serving, the Wine Stopper & Pourer is your best bet. Pop the stopper in when you’re finished drinking, push the lever down and the bottle seals. Lift the lever up to pour. Bonus: it aerates the wine while you pour.

Ready to pop some bottles? Mix up one of these amazing make-ahead party cocktails or our fabulous frosé recipe or try one of these delicious recipes that uses up leftover wine

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