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4 New Ideas for Using Your Swivel Peeler

Got a vegetable peeler taking up space in your kitchen drawers? It’s more versatile than you think. Make the most of it with these creative ways to use this handy tool.

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The swivel peeler was one of the very first OXO products and although its primary function and most common use is to peel off the skin of fruits and vegetables (such as carrots) there are many more uses for this seemingly simple kitchen tool.

Parmesan Shavings

Peel shavings from a block of parmesan to give your salad a boost of umami. This technique also works on other hard and semi-hard cheeses. Garnish your meal with some shaved parmesan for a little fancy flair to impress your guests or make your weekday meal feel a little more special.

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Asparagus Ribbons

Wispy, thin asparagus ribbons are a wonderful way to add a delicate burst of freshness to salads, savory tarts and even pizza. Carefully peel along the length of the asparagus to create long curly ribbons. For even more precision, use an Asparagus Peeler, shaped for removing the woody exterior of the stalks.

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Chocolate Curls

Add a dash of decadence to your cakes and cupcakes by topping them off with a generous sprinkle of chocolate curls. Peel along the longest side of a large chunk or bar of chocolate for longer curls. Try using a combination of dark or milk chocolate and white chocolate for a nice color contrast.

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Spreadable Butter Shavings

Having difficulty spreading butter that’s fresh out of the fridge? Peel thin slices from a stick of cold, hard butter for spreadable shavings for your morning toast.

Bonus Idea: Try these delicious ideas that use up leftover peels, from candied citrus peels to potato peel chips.

Plus, learn how to use your serrated peeler and try out these creative uses for your grater.


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