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7 Things to Make With Your Batter Dispenser

7 Things to Make With Your Batter Dispenser

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The OXO Precision Batter Dispenser was made with pancakes in mind, but that’s not all it can do. Check out these creative uses to make the most of this handy kitchen tool.

Our batter dispenser was designed with comfort, cleanability and capacity in mind and it’s quickly become a household staple, especially as we’re gearing up for hosting and the holidays. We’ve discovered plenty of other ways to use it beyond just the standard pancake. Here are 7 ways to use your batter dispenser


Ok, this is a fairly standard use case, but the toppings and varieties for pancakes are truly endless. We can’t get Brooklyn Supper’s Sweet Potato Pancakes with Sage and Goat Cheese out of our minds. Or try these healthy apple-ring pancakes—and don’t forget these adorable beehive pancake stacks for kids. You can even make fun octopus-shaped pancakes with the help of the batter dispenser.

ways to use your batter dispenser

Egg Cups

Whisk together eggs and milk and get to dispensing. Egg cups are great for meal prepping breakfast for the week and, again, the combination of fillings are endless. A few things we’ve tried and loved: peppers, broccoli, spinach, herbs, sundried tomatoes, feta cheese and olives. Check out this delicious recipe for mini-frittatas.

Funnel Cake

This classic festival food doesn’t have to be a once-a-year treat. Try making it at home and subbing in the Precision Batter Dispenser for the funnel. It’ll keep your kitchen clean and give you the same spirally goodness you get from using a funnel.



Filling up a waffle iron can also get messy with each ladle full. Keep things tidy with the batter dispenser. The shut-off valve provides total control and prevents any extra drips from happening.

filling muffins with pancake batter dispenser

Muffin Tins

Making a million mini muffins or cupcakes for a party? The batter dispenser will save your wrists. Between batches, store the batter in the dispenser with the lid on in the fridge.


For homemade crêpes, the batter dispenser enables precision with every squeeze. Each crêpe will turn out delicate and thin, just the way they should be.

Glazing Desserts

Looking to finish off a cake or donuts with a flawless drizzle of glaze? Use the batter dispenser to for an effortless flourish.

Plus, check out these creative uses for graters and more delicious pancake recipes.

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