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The Tools You Need to Cook Perfect Eggs Every Time

The Tools You Need to Cook Perfect Eggs Every Time

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There are so many different ways to cook eggs and so many ways it can go wrong (sunny side down, anyone?). These are the egg tools that can help you make perfectly delicious eggs for every occasion.

It’s common to walk into the OXO test kitchen and hear yet another debate about eggs. Whether it’s the right way to cook hard boiled eggs or what a perfectly poached egg looks like, we’re constantly thinking (and talking) about hassle-free ways to make eggs. With so many ways to cook eggs out there, we created this guide to point you in the right direction.

Poached Eggs

OXO Silicone Egg Poacher

Tool: Egg Poacher 

For when you want to impress your friends

Making brunch for a group? They’ll be impressed when they slice open the poached egg on their avocado toast and the yolk comes running out. Our Egg Poacher takes the intimidation factor out of making poached eggs. There’s no swirling water to make a vortex here and your eggs will actually cook in their water bath instead of just steaming. The funnel guides your egg safely into boiling water, and water flows through the holes in the bottom to evenly cook your egg. Check out our guide to using the Egg Poacher to make perfect poached eggs.

Egg Cups & Mini Frittatas

egg muffins in muffin pan

Tool: Silicone Baking Cups 

For when you’re on the go

We like to make a big batch of egg cups so we’re set for the whole week. Grab one each day and take it on the go. You can experiment with fillings, but we think the Green Chile Beef Egg Cups from The Defined Dish are a good place to start. Or try our Mini Frittata Recipe—just fill the Baking Cups with sauteed vegetables and grated cheese, then top with beaten eggs and bake. They store and reheat beautifully.

Hard Boiled Eggs

ripe avocado

Tools: Punctual Egg Timer with Piercer and Egg Slicer

For when you need to make a meal more filling

Looking to add some protein to a salad or sandwich? We like slicing a hard boiled egg on top to make the meal a little more filling. The Punctual Egg Timer helps you make perfectly hard-boiled eggs every time. Plus using the piercer before boiling makes peeling easier. Then use the Egg Slicer to get perfectly even slices that won’t crumble. Check out our guide for hard boiled eggs to make them precisely how you like them every time.

Deviled Eggs

steaming eggs

Tool: Pressure Cooker Egg Rack

For a potluck or family gathering

Deviled eggs taste great, but they’re not the easiest type of eggs to make. You can use the Egg Rack to perfectly steam them or hard boil them in your pressure cooker. Check out our recipe and guide to making amazing deviled eggs that will impress anyone.


Tools: Egg Beater and Flip & Fold Omelet Turner

For weekend brunch

Everyone loves an omelet for weekend brunch or to spice up a weekday morning, and they can come together pretty easily if you have the right tools. Just whip up the eggs to frothy perfection with the Egg Beater, and season with your favorite spices. Once it’s in the pan, the Flip & Fold Omelet Turner’s flexible head makes it easy to glide under the omelet and the wide shape helps you flip and fold it perfectly every time. Get creative with your omelet fillings, like this Apple Cheddar Omelet recipe.

Want more great breakfast ideas? Try our healthy meal prep breakfasts, easy overnight oats, and 6 healthy homemade pancake recipes.

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