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Back Pocket Recipe: Bakery-Style Chocolate Chip Cookies from Handle the Heat

Back Pocket Recipe: Bakery-Style Chocolate Chip Cookies from Handle the Heat

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We all have recipes that we keep coming back to. They’re the ones we lean on for dinner parties or potlucks. The ones we make when we aren’t feeling ambitious, but still want impressive results. We make them over and over again and always get rave reviews. At OXO, we like to call them our back pocket recipes.

These recipes are too good not to share, and that’s what inspired us to start collecting them. So we’re getting back pocket recipes from our favorite chefs, influencers, cookbook authors and OXOnians, so you too can have a back pocket recipe to rely on.


oxo chocolate chip cookies

Tessa Arias of Handle the Heat knows a thing or two about baking, and that’s why we weren’t surprised when her back-pocket recipe was for the perfect bakery-style chocolate chip cookies.


oxo chocolate chip cookies

The key to perfectly thick bakery-style chocolate chip cookies is to make sure nothing is too warm. The butter should be at a cool room temperature (about 67°F) when you make the dough. The colder the dough, the thicker your cookies will be. Once you shape the dough with your cookie scoop, try freezing the dough while your oven preheats to create extra thickness!

Check out the whole recipe on Handle the Heat.


*Cookies in photos use dark brown sugar, while the recipe calls for light brown sugar.

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