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Back Pocket Recipe: Gluten-Free Chocolate Cupcakes from Snixy Kitchen

Snixy Kitchen shares her back pocket recipe: Gluten-Free Chocolate Cupcakes (or Cake!), which she's probably made over 100 times because they're just that good.

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We all have recipes that we keep coming back to. They’re the ones we lean on for dinner parties or potlucks. The ones we make when we aren’t feeling ambitious, but still want impressive results. We make them over and over again and always get rave reviews. At OXO, we like to call them our back pocket recipes(Opens in a new window).

These recipes are too good not to share, and that’s what inspired us to start collecting them. So we’re getting back pocket recipes from our favorite chefs, influencers, cookbook authors and OXOnians, so you too can have a back pocket recipe to rely on.

Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes
Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes

Sarah Menanix of Snixy Kitchen(Opens in a new window) says: If there’s one recipe I couldn’t live without, it’s these chocolate cupcakes. Over the years, I’ve probably made them over 100 times (that’s no exaggeration!). As someone who eats gluten-free, I often find myself in party situations where hosts try to make gluten-free dessert accommodations for me. And more often than not, I default to, “Don’t worry about it - I’ll just bring some chocolate cupcakes.” In fact, if there’s an occasion where chocolate cake should be served, I’ll always volunteer to bring this recipe as either cupcakes or a layer cake!

Most recently, my friend threw me a baby shower. She insisted that I not help with anything and asked for local recommendations to order gluten-free cupcakes. The thing is, I had none because these chocolate cupcakes are my favorite cupcake of all time (gluten-free or not!).

We settled on her making my chocolate cupcakes in my parents’ kitchen the night before the shower. She made more than enough cupcakes for the guests, fully expecting to have leftovers because who doesn’t love leftover cupcakes? Not a single cupcake got left behind.

I’m not lying when I say, this is the only chocolate cupcake or cake recipe you’ll ever need, gluten-free or not. I’ve even tested them dairy-free with nut milk and they work equally as well!

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake
Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

Cupcake tip: To make perfectly even cupcakes, use the OXO Trigger Ice Cream Scoop(Opens in a new window) to measure your batter. I use just under ¼ cup per cupcake and using just a little less than a full ice cream scoop helps me gauge how much batter to use!


Cake tip: As a layer cake, use OXO’s Bent Icing Knife(Opens in a new window) to make this ombre effect!

Head over to Snixy Kitchen to get the recipe for and see more pictures of these gluten-free chocolate cupcakes(Opens in a new window)! And to see it in action as a layer cake, here’s the recipe for the gluten-free chocolate cake with hibiscus frosting!(Opens in a new window)

Photos by Snixy Kitchen.


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