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The Baker’s Dusting Wand: The Magical $10 Tool You Never Knew You Needed

The Baker’s Dusting Wand: The Magical $10 Tool You Never Knew You Needed

Words Erin Zimmer

The dusting wand has quickly become one of my favorite little tools that I never actually knew I needed.

This wand makes you feel like you’ve suddenly acquired special fairy powers as it so gracefully and evenly dusts whatever needs dusting—and who knew so many things could use some dusting? OK so it’s not an everyday tool, but when it does come out, it’s really satisfying to use. Here are six ways you can feel that dusting satisfaction.

Flouring Pans

If you’re baking a cake or breads or brownies—or really anything that involves flouring a pan—this wand will really come in handy. It solves that annoying problem of all the flour sticking to one side of a greased pan, which can happen even after a good shake. The wand makes it super easy to evenly flour-dust any pan so you’ll end up with perfect edges on that evenly-baked treat.

Latte Art-10

Latte Art

Spruce up your cup of joe with frothed milk and seasonal decorations. We use the Cookie Press Disks as stencils and the Dusting Wand filled with cocoa to fill them in. It’ll look impressive, but doesn’t require the same advanced skills as real latte art.

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Popcorn Toppings

As a popcorn enthusiast, I take my popcorn toppings seriously. If I want to class it up, I’ll add a blend of spices to the dusting wand instead of just violently shaking all the different spice shakers and hoping they mix evenly throughout the bowl (which never totally happens). The wand enables the perfect spice distribution without any spice-clumps or underseasoned patches. I like adding a mix of savory spices to the wand: smoked paprika, cumin, salt, garlic powder, and some optional nutritional yeast all together.

Arts and Crafts Projects

Let’s step outside the kitchen for a second and put this dusting wand to work in the arts and crafts department. It should be right there in your crafts toolkit, ready to work on your kid’s school project or decorate some Christmas tree ornaments or add a blast of glitter your homemade costume. The wand allows you to apply glitter in a controlled manner without ending up with a glitter mountain on the floor


Remember these marshmallows? We can’t get them out of our head. They’re surprisingly not as hard as you’d think to make, not to mention a special treat to bring to holiday parties or make as an edible gift for someone. (Side note: I gave them to a friend for her birthday and she still talks about them to this day.) Even if the marshmallows don’t come out looking perfectly shaped or professional, a little dusting of powdered sugar and/or cocoa on top, and bam, your friends will be impressed.

Cookie Designs

Here’s a good tip from the amazing Dorie Greenspan: use the dusting wand to stencil shapes on cookies. Use cookie cutters or cookie press shapes as stencils then dust away for fun, festive designs on cookies.

Loose Leaf Tea Strainer

The Baker’s Dusting Wand was actually inspired by OXO’s Twisting Tea Ball. During lunches in OXO’s test kitchen, a product manager saw fellow OXOnians using the Tea Ball to sprinkle powdered sugar on Challah, cinnamon on cappuccinos, flour on baking surfaces and so on. While the wand is not officially a loose leaf tea strainer, it can do the job pretty well. Just add your desired amount of loose leaf tea to the wand and place it in your mug—it’ll work its tea-steeping magic from there. (7)
By Erin Zimmer

Erin Zimmer is a freelance writer and photo stylist for OXO. The former managing editor of James Beard award-winning food website Serious Eats, Erin is based in New Orleans, where she loves adventures in her canoe, evenings on the porch, and long bayou walks with her dog Lillie.

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