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Which Type of Ice Cream Scoop is Best for You?

Which Type of Ice Cream Scoop is Best for You?

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OK, we definitely allow (maybe even encourage) eating ice cream right from pint, but for those times you want to share, we’re here to help get the task done and decide which ice cream scoop is right for you.

Whether you’re making homemade ice cream without a machine, dishing out ice cream cone pie or digging into your favorite store-bought pint, there’s a scoop for you.

Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop

The Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop is without a doubt a hardworking tool. This durable scooper glides through hard-frozen ice cream and into your dish. Flat edges reach into corners of any shape ice cream container–a true problem-solver.

Classic Swipe Ice Cream Scoop

For the more traditional ice cream enthusiast, we say go for the Classic Swipe Ice Cream Scoop. It’s dependable and reliable, and will transport you back in time to an old-school ice cream parlor.

Lever Ice Cream Scoop

While a little more unique, the Lever Ice Cream Scoop will pleasantly surprise you with its scooping capabilities. Whether you’re scooping hard ice cream, sorbet or sherbet, the pop-up lever pops the goods right out onto a cone or dish.

Ice Cream Spade

Dishing out ice cream for a crowd? Go with an Ice Cream Spade. Its wide head is perfect for scooping large servings or packing pints, plus your hand is protected from getting cold with the soft, non-slip handle.

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