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Blogs We Love: Get a Slice of Our Favorite Homemade Pizza Pies

Blogs We Love: Get a Slice of Our Favorite Homemade Pizza Pies

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Pizza is a food we’re always thinking about. It’s in our New York blood, and we have quite a few tools that make preparing, making and serving it a lot easier. We’re inspired by these homemade pizza recipes, which take pizza to another level with fun ingredients and unconventional takes on the standard pie.

Herb Pizza Dough
Megan Stetted jazzes up a traditional pie by making herb pizza dough — her kiddos aren’t into toppings yet, so she gets creative with the dough instead. Adding chopped oregano, basil and parsley into the dough adds tons of flavor.

Easy Chicken Enchilada Pizza
Imagine an enchilada deconstructed and flattened – that’s what the Suburban Soapbox does when she creates her Enchilada Pizza. She uses homemade pizza dough, adds a layer of enchilada sauce, shredded rotisserie chicken and grated cheese for this fun take on a pie.

Puff Pastry Pizza with Caramelized Onions, Mushrooms, and Mascarpone
OMG Food had some pastry dough on hand and experimented with using it as the base of a pie. With garlic-infused olive oil, caramelized onions, baby bella mushrooms and dollops of mascarpone, she was blown away by the pie – and so are we!

Margherita Style
The Southern Trunk enlists her son to help make a simple margherita pie. Using fresh Roma tomatoes thinly sliced and grated mozzarella cheese to get this easy meal on the table.

Ricotta, Potato & Asparagus Pizza
For a fun twist on a typical tomato sauce based pizza, Mango Tomato slices potatoes (Yes, potatoes, not tomatoes!), asparagus and sausage for a filling pie.

Fresh Fruit Dessert Pizza

Fruit and pizza don’t exactly go hand-in-hand, but Java Cupcake makes it happen in the most epic way possible with her Fresh Fruit Dessert Pizza. With the help of the Complete Grate & Slice Set, she makes a sugar cookie crust, topped with cream cheese sauce and colorful fruit toppings.

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