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Top Reasons to Switch to Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware (Plus Two Recipes to Get You Hooked)

Want your cooking and clean-up to feel effortless? Give ceramic non-stick cookware a try with one of these irresistibly easy recipes.

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Forget the days of endlessly scrubbing and soaking pots and pans after dinner. If you want to cut down on busywork and make cooking and clean-up a breeze, non-stick cookware—the ceramic kind—is the way to go. Thanks to a slick coating that prevents food from sticking, ceramic non-stick cookware is easy to use and simple to clean. We made our Ceramic Professional Non-Stick Cookware line with you in mind: The diamond-reinforced coating plus layers of stainless steel create an effortless cooking experience. And if you’re worried about any potential safety issues with non-stick surfaces, OXO’s ceramic cookware takes those off the table.

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Ceramic Non-Stick vs. Regular Non-Stick

With so many different cookware options on the market, it’s hard to decide which ones are best for you. Narrowing your options to non-stick makes sense in terms of convenience, but what about the health factor? Ceramic non-stick pans are generally safer since they’re free of harmful toxins like heavy metals, coatings and dyes. Plus they last up to four times longer than regular non-stick pans, so you get more bang for your buck.

Cooking with Ceramic Non-Stick

No more drowning your proteins in oil and butter: Because of the natural non-stick properties of ceramic, you barely need to add any fats to your pan to create a smooth—and delicious—cooking experience. Ceramic non-stick pieces have a high heat tolerance, making them easy to use on any gas, electric or induction burners—and OXO’s Ceramic Nonstick can even go in ovens up to 600℉. Another bonus: Ceramic non-stick is non-reactive to acidic foods, so cooking with ingredients like citrus or vinegar won’t damage the surface the way it might with cast iron or copper pans.

Caring for Your Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware

It helps that ceramic non-stick cookware is extremely durable and resistant to most scratches, but that doesn’t mean it’s indestructible. Using the right cooking utensils will help with the longevity of your cookware. When using ceramic cookware, we recommend cooking with rubber spatulas, wooden spoons or silicone utensils to ensure that your pots and pans will last much longer. As for cleaning your ceramic non-stick pieces: They’re typically dishwasher-safe, but hand-washing will help preserve the life of your cookware. Also, avoid using harsh, abrasive scrubbers like steel wool when cleaning.

Ready to test-drive some ceramic non-stick cookware? Try these easy and irresistible recipes.

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Foolproof Seared Scallops

Scallops are super-delicate and can be tricky and intimidating for the home cook. But with the help of a ceramic non-stick pan, you can effortlessly make this 5-star dish at home.

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Simple Egg Fried Rice

Who needs take-out? Making this simple fried rice recipe with your ceramic non-stick pan is tastier, healthier–and probably faster too.


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