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Cookie Baking Tips with Dorie Greenspan

We’re big fans of all kinds of cookies here at OXO.

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You’ll often find a fresh batch in our kitchen or hidden stashes in OXOnians’ desk drawers. If the day is dragging or lunch wasn’t quite satisfying, it’s a cookie that gets us going again. There’s no better person to share the joy of cookies with than OXO’s dear friend and trusted baking guru, Dorie Greenspan. We spoke to Dorie last month about her latest cookbook(Opens in a new window), which is about, you guessed it, cookies.

Dorie recently shared her cookie baking tips with us on Facebook Live. She’s an expert in the field and a great friend to us for many years. We’ve partnered with her on blogger events and she’s a dedicated advocate for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer(Opens in a new window), our partner non-profit.

Here’s a recap of the tips Dorie shared along with tools to make the tasks easier.

1. Get More Flavor Out of Lemon Zest

You wouldn’t want that lemony zestiness to fall short in your cookies, so try rubbing your lemon zest into your sugar before you start baking to get the most flavor. Dorie works the lemon (or lime) zest into the sugar with her hands.

2. How to Make Sticky Ingredients Easier to Pour

Using molasses, honey, corn syrup, and other sticky liquids can be a pain, but Dorie’s tip for measuring and pouring them will make it less of a sticky situation. Use cooking spray, oil or butter to ‘grease’ the inside of the measuring cups you're using. The sticky stuff will slide right out!

3. Use a Paper Towel Roll and Slice Cookies

For easy cookie-baking, roll your dough into a log wrapped with parchment paper. Dorie uses the Multi-Purpose Scraper & Chopper to wrap the parchment paper around it. Then, she stores it in a paper towel roll so that there are no flat edges touching the dough. This will ensure uniform cookies that can be sliced right onto a baking sheet when you’re ready!

4. A Dusting Wand Can Transform Cookies!

Topping cookies off with a little confectioners sugar will instantly transform them to be extra special cookies. The Dusting Wand lets you do this with a quick flick of the wrist. Dorie also uses the Christmas Disk Set as a stensil for fun, festive cookies.

5. Decorating Cookies with Icing & Sprinkles

Dorie’s favorite way to decorate cookies is with icing and sprinkles. She adds confectioner’s sugar to water or milk until it’s the right consistency for piping with our Silicone Decorating Bottle. If you’re making sandwich cookies, try rolling the cookie’s edges on a plate of sprinkles.


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