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An Herb Guide to Thanksgiving Cooking

As our helpful food stylist/friend Kate Schmidt pointed out, fresh herbs are a foolproof way to lighten, brighten and elevate your Thanksgiving feast.

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This holiday, we've focused on ways to maximize the four most common Turkey day herbs (sing it with me): parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.


We don’t know what we’d do without our trusty Herb Keepers(Opens in a new window). Well, we do, but it involves wasting a lot of paper and plastic. Herb Keepers keep herbs fresh and vibrant longer than store packaging, giving weeknight dinners depth and making special occasions extra special. Designed to sit on your fridge door, the container won’t get in the way when the fridge is full, say, before, during or after Thanksgiving.


We’re huge fans of appetizers that look and taste impressive but are dead simple to make. Take this Herbed Marinated Feta(Opens in a new window), which incorporates the who’s who of Thanksgiving herbs and can be made ahead of the holiday dinner crunch. We reach for our Herb Mincer(Opens in a new window) to make short work of a big pile of herbs.

Another herby app triple threat (snack, appetizer and a hostess gift) are these Rosemary Roasted Cashews(Opens in a new window). These nuts have it all: they’re sugary, salty, peppery and rosemary-y.  You may want to buy double the amount of ingredients to keep up with demand.


Sage takes center … sage for Thanksgiving sides in everything from stuffing to roasted veggies. Our go-to dressing(Opens in a new window) combines sage, sausage, and toasted cornbread and is  finished with a showering of freshly chopped flat leaf parsley.

Another easy (sensing a theme, yet?), satisfying and gluten-free side we love anytime of the year is this twist on traditional candied yams.  It’s an Ina Garten recipe-turned-Oprah-pick(Opens in a new window), which makes it a winner in our book. Just combine your favorite winter squash (or sweet potatoes) with sage, maple syrup, and pancetta and roast away. We find our jelly roll pan particularly helpful for this dish.

OXO Flavor Injector for Thanksgiving turkey,


The best turkey we ever tasted was made with our Flavor Injector(Opens in a new window). Yes, it’s a giant needle and looks a little scary,  but it literally flavors your turkey from the inside out. You can inject brine, you can inject marinade, you can inject two sticks of salted butter (which is what we did) and the results are flabbergastingly delicious. This year, we’re going to infuse our melted butter with rosemary, sage, and thyme before injecting. We. Can’t. Wait.


If you’re incorporating herbs into desserts, do so sparingly so as not to upset guests who are more traditional. We’re feeling inspired by this Herb-Infused Whipped Cream(Opens in a new window) recipe and can picture a thyme version pairing nicely with apple crisp and even pumpkin pie. Use our Egg Beaters to make whipping extra good.


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