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Game Day Snacks and Hosting Tips with an OXO Twist

Planning to watch the Big Game? OXO has some ideas for snacks to get you through the game that go beyond your typical chips and guac.

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Football fans and foodies alike, rejoice – the Big Game is coming up! When it comes to Game Day, OXOnians are an enthusiastic bunch (because some of us love food, some of us love football, and many of us love both). Our mission at OXO is to make everyday better, and that includes football Sundays, so we asked around the office for favorite (super simple!) tips for making snacks everyone at your party will enjoy.

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1. Is it chili in here?

Hosting people with a variety of dietary preferences? Our former HR Coordinator Jessica keeps everyone happy by whipping up a big batch of vegetarian chili, then separating it into two pots. She keeps one vegetarian and adds seasoned, cooked ground turkey or beef to the other in order to accommodate both the vegetarians and the meat lovers.

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2. Wings…or Drumsticks?

Remember our grilling pro Mack(Opens in a new window)? Well, he has a thing or two to say about wings, too. Mack, a member of Pats Nation, likes to make buffalo drumsticks instead of wings – they’re the same type of dark meat, but you get more meat on each piece and it’s more cost-effective. He first tenderizes, marinates and then wraps the bone end with aluminum foil because, well, it’s easier to cook and cleaner to eat that way.

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3. BYOT (Build Your Own Taco)

Looking for an easy way to feed a crowd? We suggest a DIY taco bar – it’s a low-maintenance way to leave guests full and happy (and won’t require guests to pick out or eat around ingredients they don’t like). Start with both hard taco shells and soft tortillas (cook them in the oven on low, wrapped in a lightly damp paper towel for about 10 minutes) and set out bowls of rice, beans, ground and seasoned meat, sautéed peppers and onions, corn, lettuce, salsa, guacamole, shredded cheese, and Greek yogurt or sour cream. Everyone makes their own meal, much to the delight of the host.

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4. Don't Forget the Hummus

Make sure you have plenty of variety! While some people prefer their football-watching-food cheesy and caloric, it’s always good to have some healthier options. Go the extra yard and make homemade hummus. Add red peppers or black beans to make things even more interesting for the crowd, and serve it up with a mix of raw carrots, raw sliced bell peppers, and pita chips to encourage healthy snacking (and prevent double dipping).


5. Muffin Pan Appetizers

Eric on our Finance team makes crab wontons with his muffin pan(Opens in a new window) when the Jets are on. He takes wonton wrappers and places them on an upside down muffin pan. After baking for a few minutes, he takes the cups off the pan and stuffs them with a spicy crab mixture. He uses the same technique for mini spanakopitas.

6. You’ve Got to Be Kid-ding

When it comes to hosting, we turned to Chrissy on our Consumer Care team, the proud coordinator of the biggest football party in town. She suggests making a designated play area for any kids in attendance who don’t yet appreciate the game. Give them paper and markers or crayons to draw. As Chrissy says, “passionate football fans don’t want a 3-foot-tall human blocking the TV at any given moment.”

What's your gameplan for Game Day?


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