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peeling a potato

The Right Way to Use a Swivel Peeler

TikTok took this kitchen tool viral, but there are plenty of other reasons why you want this peeler in your cooking repertoire.

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Peeling potatoes, apples or any other fruit or veggie can be a tedious task. It’s a time-consuming chore that can make prepping an apple pie or mashed potatoes take much more time than what you really want to spend in the kitchen.

But thanks to a viral TikTok video created by @jenniabs3(Opens in a new window), budding chefs everywhere have been reminded that there’s a remedy for the potato-peeling blues: A swivel peeler can remove the skin by using a back-and-forth direction instead of lifting the peeler after every stroke, thus saving a significant amount of time and sparing your finger from unnecessary nicks and cuts. Whether you’re making mashed potatoes, cooked carrots or other dishes that require peeled produce, swivel peelers have the edge over traditional ones—a sentiment captured in more than 178,000 videos posted on TikTok using the hashtag #potatopeeling.

But what’s the full story behind the design of back-and-forth swivel peelers? While TikTok videos imply that this kitchen tool was conceived to save time, there is another important reason why this gadget swivels and moves the way it does. Discover why swivel peelers are the ultimate kitchen hack, and get tips on how to choose one that’s right for you.

Why Do Swivel Peelers Swivel?

Most kitchen tools are designed with right-handed people in mind, as more people in Western cultures use their right hand as their dominant one. But where does that leave left-handed chefs? To avoid excluding lefties who want to peel their produce, too, OXO designed a swivel peeler that allows the tool’s blade to change position with zero effort depending on which direction it is being held. The easy-grip handle also provides a secure place to grasp no matter whether you’re a leftie or rightie and the surface remains non-slip even when you get it wet.

peeling carrots

Another bonus of the swivel design: This feature helps the peeler easily adhere to the body of the item that is being peeled, which inevitably has some bumps or curves. 

How to Pick the Right Swivel Peeler

If you are intrigued by all of the peeling videos that have exploded on TikTok and want to take your own veggie peeling up a notch, these are some things to keep in mind as you shop for the best swivel peeler:

  • Choose a peeler that fits comfortably in your hands. Peeling is a relatively fast and repetitive motion; the easier the peeler is to grab, the more pleasant your peeling experience.
  • Find a peeler that can pierce tough-skinned fruits and veggies with an extra-hardened stainless steel blade. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to peel your food and realizing that your blade isn’t strong enough.
  • Select a tool that is designed to work for lefties and righties with a blade that can seamlessly switch between the two.
  • Consider aesthetics. If your whole kitchen tool collection is made of stainless steel, select a stainless steel swivel peeler to match.
peeling carrot

The OXO Swivel Peeler checks all of the important potato peeler boxes, plus it is rustproof and dishwasher safe. Better yet, it has a built-in potato eyer, allowing you to remove those pesky potato eyes with ease.

Using a Swivel Peeler for Easy Potato Peeling

Not all TikTok trends are worth adopting—plenty come with some questionable recommendations (we’re looking at you, NyQuil-marinated chicken). But in the case of peeling potatoes, this is one TikTok hack worth exploring to make removing the skin from your produce easy and stress-free. Whether you’re a rightie or a leftie, a new chef or an experienced one, a swivel peeler will take your peeling experience to the next level.

Once you master the art of peeling your taters, you can expand your peeling horizons by using an OXO Corn Prep Peeler to get corn kernels off of your cob in seconds.


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