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July 4th Countdown: Last-Minute Tips to Remember Before Your Barbecue

Hosting a party this Independence Day? We’ve got you covered so that you’re not glued to the kitchen or stuck shaking cocktails all day long. Follow along for our countdown to July 4th.

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Time flies when it’s summertime – now July 4th is just around the corner! If you’ve been following our July 4th prep series, you should be in a good place, prep-wise but we wanted to share some last-minute tips and tricks to make sure it’s your best 4th yet.


Don’t Forget The Ice Cubes

While figuring out what drinks to serve may be top of mind, ice is critical. Nobody likes a party with lukewarm beers and cocktails. It’s not too late to fill up your ice trays(Opens in a new window) in preparation for the big day. If you’re feeling particularly festive, add in some fruit or glitter(Opens in a new window) for some extra party pizzazz. If you’re in a more dire situation and have no time for the ice cube trays to set, ask friends to pick up ice on the way to the party.



Make hosting less stressful by delegating as much of the day-of party operations to friends. Whether they pick up extra ice or supplies on the way over or are on party patrol and throw away any extra cups and plates, try to delegate as much of the little tasks as possible so you can focus on being attentive to all the guests and actually enjoying your own party.


Label Everything

Take the extra step to be conscientious about people with food allergies or other dietary restrictions. Whether you’ve prepared all the food ahead of time or are opting for a potluck format, have pens and labels at the ready.



Minimize the unnecessary questions like “where can I find the bathroom?” and mark any rooms or closets that are off limits so your guests know where to go and what to avoid. Aside from the bathroom, you may also want to create signage for the trash cans, recycling and for where people can leave their bags .


Now that you have these small tasks covered, you can focus on hosting and enjoying your July 4th!


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