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How to Celebrate National Chocolate Day 2017

How to Celebrate National Chocolate Day 2017

Words Valerie Liston

Happy National Chocolate Day!! We love chocolate here at OXO (who doesn’t?) and hardly a day goes by without seeing someone nibbling on a homemade chocolate chip cookie or whipping up chocolate cupcakes for decorator tool testing.

We know you love chocolate as much as we do, so to celebrate National Chocolate Day, here are some of our favorite chocolate recipes and tips from our blog:


Dessert Posts

Two words: Shaved. Chocolate.


Chocolate cups made out of OXO Silicone Baking Cups

These chocolate boo cups are great for Halloween but you can make them any color for any occasion because it’s always a good time for chocolate.


Chocolate Truffles on OXO Metal Bakeware

Making chocolate truffles is easier than you think, especially with these tips from Valrhona.


Coffee Creations


Confession: we really like chocolate icebox cakes. But this recipe puts a coffee twist on them, combining two of our favorite flavors: chocolate and coffee.


We love chocolate and coffee so much we even told you how to pair the two.


Melting chocolate in OXO Squeeze & Pour Silicone Measuring Cup

Bet You Didn’t Think of That!


Now that you know how to make truffles, use our uber-precise Thermocouple Thermometer to get your chocolate to just the right temperature.


Did you know that you can have an egg cream without going to your local diner? You can make a Cold-Brew Egg Cream right in your own home in all its chocolatey glory. 


How will you celebrate National Chocolate Day?

By Valerie Liston

Valerie Liston is part of OXO's Brand Communications team. She is a Bostonian by blood, a New Yorker by choice, a writer, a lover of stories, a self-proclaimed nerd, and a Hufflepuff.

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