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New Year’s Resolution: How to Bring Better Lunches to Work

New Year’s Resolution: How to Bring Better Lunches to Work

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At OXO, we take lunch seriously, and over the years have perfected how to bring lunches (that you actually want to eat) to the office.

From new products that make it easier to transport lunches to tools for prepping ingredients, we know what it takes to pack a good lunch. We find that it’s healthier and saves money too, which pretty much sums up our New Year’s resolutions. But we understand the challenge. It takes preparation and creativity to have exciting lunches week after week, so we came up with a few good tips to bring better lunches to work this year.

1. Have freezer-friendly backups
Make extras of recipes and stash a portion (or two) in the freezer. Use durable glass containers so reheating lunch is a breeze.

Good tip: Burritos freeze well, and we like to always keep a few in the freezer for days when we’re out of inspiration.

leakproof container for soups
leakproof container for soups
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2. Go leakproof
Nothing is worse than finding your lunch spilled all over your bag, so we always choose leakproof containers for easy transport. Bonus points for these squeeze bottles that keep dressing safe on the go.

3. Keep things separate
To keep crunchy parts of your lunch crunchy, we go to our Silicone Baking Cups for help. Keep things like nuts, croutons and crackers in the cups and place them in your storage container.

4. Have the right tools on hand
If you’re used to a nice, filling chopped salad for lunch, making the switch to bringing your own can be tough. We get that salads that aren’t mixed well or overflowing in a container get frustrating, and that’s why we like to keep a few essential tools at work. A Salad Chopper and Bowl helps to chop and toss your salad ingredients.

5. Avoid redundancies
Think through what you want to eat for the week and how to repurpose some of the ingredients. For example, we’ll make meatballs on Sunday, use them in pasta on Monday and a sub on Tuesday. This way we don’t feel like we’re eating the same dish day after day.

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6. Add a sauce to it
We find sauces and dressings to be the key to making lunches more exciting. An easy tahini dressing that you can dress a salad with, but also eat with falafel or grilled chicken will turn your #saddesklunch into something you’ll actually want to photograph. Extra points if you can repurpose the sauce throughout the week.

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