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Nutty Brownies with Mocha Ganache from Oh, Ladycakes

Nutty Brownies with Mocha Ganache from Oh, Ladycakes

Words Ashlae Warner

Oh, Ladycakes shares how she developed a recipe for Nutty Brownies with Mocha Ganache using the OXO Glass Pour-Over to get the mocha flavor.


I’m pretty sure I’m preaching to the choir here but it goes without saying: the holidays are for indulging. For coming together and enjoying good food with people you love. For eating an extra brownie or slice of pie. For getting so full that you have to change out of your high-waisted skirt and into something less restrictive just to make some room for that extra brownie or slice of pie (been there). If you gain a little weight, so what? I can think of far worse things than gaining a few pounds because you lived the holiday season to its fullest. As someone who’s gained 20+ pounds in the past 18 months, I can tell you with absolute certainty that it feels a lot better to lead the life of a person who eats whatever the hell they want (in moderation, of course) than to lead the life of a person who restricts and holds back (like I did for 15+ years).


OXO + Oh, Ladycakes Nutty Brownies with Mocha Ganache

So now that I got that outta my system let’s talk about these brownies. They are freakin’ delicious and going into the development for them my goal was to make a better version of those Little Debbie fudge brownies (you know, the one’s with the nuts scattered on top) I ate throughout the years of my youth. My plan was to add more nuts because DUH and then to also add some strong coffee to the ganache because coffee + chocolate = pretty much the best thing ever. So I made the brownies and – I kid you not – when Thom took his first bite he yelled upstairs, “Hey! Do you remember those brownies with the shitty little nuts on top? These are like a way better version of those!” And I lost it because THOM THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I WAS GOING FOR HOW DID YOU KNOW?


If you loved those Little Debbie fudge brownies, you’re going to love these. And even if you didn’t, you’re probably going to love these because they’re rich (so rich that I had to cut the brownies considerably smaller than normal) and flavorful and perfectly fudgy.


To get the full recipe for the Nutty Brownies with Mocha Ganache, visit Oh, Lady Cakes.



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