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How to Make Turkey Gravy Using a Fat Separator

How to Make Turkey Gravy Using a Fat Separator

Turkey may be the star of the show at the Thanksgiving table, but don’t forget to turn up the flavor by finishing off your bird with a generous drizzle of Thanksgiving gravy. Here’s exactly how to use a fat separator for your turkey gravy.

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Your house is spick and span and ready for Thanksgiving guests, you spatchcocked your turkey so it’s perfectly cooked in half the time and friends and family will soon gather around the table for a Thanksgiving feast. Making a flavorful turkey gravy is the last step, and having the right tools is essential.

To follow along, check out how Zoe and Mack from the OXO team make gravy(Opens in a new window) using a fat separator.

How to Use a Fat Separator

1. Remove any solids from the pan. After your turkey has fully cooked, remove it from the roasting pan, along with any vegetables or solids that you cooked in the pan.

2. Deglaze the roasting pan by heating it on the stove top. Depending on the size of your pan, you may need to use two burners. Once the liquid starts to bubble, scrape the pan to release the additional bits.

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3. Transfer all of the liquid to a fat separator. The strainer will catch any solids left behind. It’s important to separate the fat from the liquid so you can make a roux, which will be the base of the turkey gravy. Roux is a mixture of fat and flour and what thickens sauce. With the Good Gravy Fat Separator, liquid fat floats to the top while the cooking liquid stays at the bottom.

4. Release the cooking liquid into a measuring cup. The valve at the bottom of your fat separator helps precisely control how much liquid is released. You’ll want to release all of it so you’re only left with fat.

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5. Note how much fat you have left in your fat separator. Use the measurement markings on the fat separator, then pour the fat into a saucepan.

6. Once it’s heated, add equal parts flour. Whisk the fat and flour for about 1 minute to cook out the flour taste. You should be left with a nutty smell.

7. Add the remaining cooking liquid from the fat separator and continue to whisk.

8. Let it come to a boil, while continuing to whisk. This will be the thickest point of the turkey gravy. If needed, you can thin the sauce with chicken stock. Once it reaches desired consistency, it’s ready to serve. Now you’re ready to host Thanksgiving dinner, and then enjoy your perfect turkey gravy all weekend long in your creative Thanksgiving leftover dishes.



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