OXO Salad Spinoff

At OXO, we get pretty excited right around lunchtime since we love gathering together to eat in our kitchen.

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That’s why we decided it would be the perfect time to throw a celebration in honor of the start of summer, fresh produce and most importantly, the launch of our newly redesigned Salad Spinner(Opens in a new window). Our Salad Spinner has become one of OXO’s most iconic products, and we wanted to give a warm welcome to our new version. To celebrate all things salad, we threw a Salad Spinoff lunch here at OXO HQ.

So what is a Salad Spinoff, exactly? We wanted to see all the salad possibilities we could generate from a crowdsourced salad bar along with all the necessary tools to prepare the salads. We had over 40 people make their own salads, which we documented for salad inspiration. 

Salad Overview Rows Small

Our friends at Earthbound Farms(Opens in a new window) generously donated salad greens, herbs and vegetables to use as our salad base. Participants contributed one salad ingredient each which resulted in an epic salad bar spanning three tables.

Following the New York Times’ Julia Moskin’s “How to Make a Salad” guide(Opens in a new window), we grouped the ingredients into the following categories:

Not only did our salads look beautiful, but they were also delicious! What are you going to add to your salad?


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