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OXO's Temperature Guide for Better Grilling Chicken, Beef, Pork and Turkey

Whether you’re grilling beef, chicken, turkey or pork, it’s important to cook meat to the right temperature.

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The grocery shopping is done. The ingredients are prepped for mise en place and now it’s time to start grilling. With that upfront work done, the last thing you want is undercooked burgers or dry chicken. The best way to avoid a grilling disaster? Enlist a thermometer. In just a few seconds, you’ll know the internal temperature of what you’re grilling. See below for our guide to better grilling chicken, beef, turkey and pork.

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Our Grilling Temperature Guide

  • Depending on your guests and their preferences, beef can be cooked to different temperatures:
    • 125°F for medium rare
    • 135°F for medium
    • 160°F for well done
  • Chicken should come to 165°F
  • Pork should come to 145°F
  • Turkey should come to 165°F

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