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OXO’s Temperature Guide for Better Grilling

OXO’s Temperature Guide for Better Grilling

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Whether you’re cooking red meat, poultry or pork, it’s important to cook to temperature.

The grocery shopping is done. The ingredients are prepped for mise en place and now it’s time to start cooking. With that upfront work, the last thing you want is undercooked burgers and dry chicken. The best way to avoid a grilling disaster? Enlist a thermometer. In just a few seconds, you’ll know the internal temperature of what you’re preparing. See below for our grilling temperature guide.

OXO Grilling Temperature Guide

Our Grilling Temperature Guide

  • Depending on your guests and preferences, beef can be cooked to different temperatures:
    • 125 medium rare
    • 135 medium
    • 160 well done
  • Chicken should be grilled to 165
  • Pork should be grilled to 145
  • Turkey should be grilled to 165

For more grilling tips, learn about How to Upgrade Your Barbecue with New Takes on the Classics.

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