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Good Tip: How to Peel a Carrot in 15 Seconds

Good Tip: How to Peel a Carrot in 15 Seconds

Words Veronica Chan

We hate to break it to you, but you’ve probably been peeling carrots inefficiently this whole time—and we’ll show you why.

Most of the time you’re only using one blade in a repetitive, one-directional motion. But if you take a closer look at our peeler, you’ll see there are two blades, which will cut your peeling time in half.

With this pro peeling technique, demonstrated by our friend Irvin Lin of the blog Eat the Love and author of Marble, Swirled and Layered, you’ll be able to peel your carrots efficiently, leveraging both blades for maximum speed and ease.

How to Peel Carrots Faster

Here’s how it’s done: place the carrot tip side down on your cutting board and lift it up in a 45-degree angle. Peel the carrot starting in the middle and go back and forth up and down the carrot, rotating it as you go. When you get halfway around the carrot, flip the carrot over and do the other side.

Watch this video to get a visual:

How to Peel Carrots Faster

Peeling one carrot this way may not cut down the time significantly. But if you’re peeling a bunch of carrots—whether it’s for soups, stocks, and sauces, or mirepoix—shaving seconds off each carrot will cut down on the overall peeling time more noticeably.

“When you’re in a professional kitchen, you’re not only taught how to do everything faster and more efficiently but also how to do things more economically. Using both blades of the peeler means the blade doesn’t dull as fast and doesn’t need to be replaced!” says Irvin.

Ready to practice your new peeling skills? Irvin has a carrot and parsnip cake recipe in his book Marbled, Swirled and Layered (along with many other great recipes). Plus, try these kid-friendly spiralized carrot monsters and homemade veggie chips. Now go forth and peel those carrots at lightning speed!

Plus, try one of these unique ideas for using your swivel peeler.

By Veronica Chan

Veronica Chan is part of OXO's Brand Communications team. She hopes to one day open a free range chinchilla farm which will include a petting zoo for the kids and maybe balloons.

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